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Sweet Sid


Location: Eugene, OR
Zipcode: 97401
Country: US


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My first dread, Beaker!
Another favorite
One of my favorites
3 months 2 days
Just over three months
Just after three months
After first bs/acv wash
My friend and I
Birthday present!
Hat, yay!


Gage Caudill2
06/08/12 02:32:50PM @gage-caudill2:

Thanks for accepting! Peace be with you =]

Karrington <3
03/04/12 10:02:35PM @karrington-3:

I posted some new pics of my dreads! Have a look :))


02/27/12 08:27:42PM @kaedence:

Hey there! Thanks for the "like" =~} Your locks definitely suit you =~}

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/22/12 07:53:57PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome sea salts not a bad option

Cyndi Samura
01/23/11 02:55:04PM @charlie2:
Ya I have a great feeling about dreads in the ancients ways. I think having snakes in our hair would be way cool. I myself would take some all acting of their own will.:)So how do you have these fun tid bits of knowledge?

Cyndi Samura
01/22/11 06:29:27PM @charlie2:
What is the latin name for platypus? :)

Cyndi Samura
01/22/11 03:23:51AM @charlie2:
Wow that is tight. I think I have seen the lemur.I was way off. In what I thought. I thought philo or phylo could have been wisdom. Greeks word in philosophy. And Medusa is the Greek leaser of the Gorgons. Turn men to stone.I have Greek on my mind. I don't know those would connect turning wisdom to stone.I like the name I thought I was going to be wrong.

Cyndi Samura
01/21/11 07:50:18AM @charlie2:
What's the name mean?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/14/10 08:11:52PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome they gonna be some far locks looking good sista

11/14/10 07:27:34PM @gv:
Love the red absolutely gorgeous, amazing baby locks

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