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Susanne Gorman


Location: Farmington, MI
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05/27/11 11:31:52PM @bowerydoll:
Hey, luv! Sorry I'm only just getting this message -- I'm missing how we used to get alerts in our regular Yahoo, gmail, etc. when messages/comments are sent here on the site. I LOOOOOVE Aubrey's Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo. It's so light. Healthy, nurturing ingredients for our dreads without any sulfates or other goopy, unnatural crap we don't need. They have a lot of great products -- I only order from their site because I can't find their stuff locally. If you try it let me know what you think. Hope you have a great weekend ahead x0x0x

05/25/11 08:33:25PM @cheekychu:
thank you! i only hate how long it took me to get to the place where i decided to dread lol...

05/17/11 08:08:13PM @georgiafreespirit:
i do practice yoga, and to me its more than a yoga practice itsthe way you live your life. I do more meditation and simple yoga poses rather than advanced yoga. I think that it's a beautiful gift to be an instructor and spread your love and joy through yoga rather than worldly things that dont truly fulfill you. all we have is this moment and focusing through yoga or meditation reminds me to be still and accept each moment asit comes and to beone with life itself.

05/17/11 05:55:16PM @heather:
thanks:) i think the whole "everyones hair dreads" is a bit of a crock. i'm about 8 months in of not doing anything to my hair and i still have brushable looking hair. so frustrating. i think i'm going to do a couple of t&r. maybe that will make me feel better.

05/16/11 01:57:25PM @georgiafreespirit:
thank you sister. im inspired by your yoga photos.. how long have you been an teacher of yoga?

Contessa B
05/16/11 10:56:02AM @contessa-b:
Hello! Your dreads are just darling.

05/12/11 10:43:58PM @heather:
hmmm...i haven't sent anyone else messages in a while except you so i don't know. maybe ask SE? i love your profile pic! your hair is so purdy:) i went ahead and did a couple of t&r on some hair that was still soft and unknotted after almost 8 months of not brushing. so frustrating. i'm hoping now it will start to do its thing. i still have a bunch more loose hair but i was tired after doing just 2. lol:) i'm not sure if i did it very well either but oh well, maybe it will help in the long run. {{hugs}}

05/12/11 09:33:05PM @bowerydoll:
Hey, luv! It's so easy...I just use a few dabs or so of honey and a little bit of aloe vera gel on my fingers when I do roots maintenance and gently twisting/smoothing the new growth into the formed locks. I find a little goes a long way for me and it's so, so good for our dreads. Wax and other petrolatum-heavy pomades are out of the question. After these 16 years of cultivating my dreads, I haven't had any build-up issues or crazy troubles with smells. I think keeping it natural like this has helped immensely. Give me a shout if you ever need an extra ear for some perspective -- and never think any question is ever stupid x0x

05/11/11 08:37:01PM @bowerydoll:
Hey, chica! Thank you for the add. I hope you're having a creative and productive week. Your dreaddies are looking good. I'm so glad to hear you're on a natural path with them and not adding wax and all the crazy goopy crap that is being marketed towards our dreadlock'd tribe. Keeping it natural is the way to go. You're coming up on your one year anniversary, soon! Be good to your growing "garden" and it will be sooooo good to you x0x

05/10/11 06:31:10PM @dee2:
I def. wanna try it some time. I live in the Bay Area, CA. I've seen a few places around that offer the classes but some are a little too expensive for me at the moment though.

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