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So we're always talking about how to...
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New to Hair..?

Well I have always been one to...
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Tessa Smith
08/16/11 11:37:45PM @tessa-smith:

Try using like a silkier pillowcase instead of a cotton one if you haven't tried that yet. It's supposed to cause less friction on your head and you could also try pulling them back in a hairwrap before going to bed. I do that every once in a while. :D

Tessa Smith
07/31/11 01:00:43AM @tessa-smith:

Parting was super hard for me too! I had to have my boyfriend do the back of my head because I just couldn't get it myself lol But your dreads are looking great so far, I'm excited to see them once they're finished!

Tessa Smith
07/29/11 04:53:27PM @tessa-smith:

Thank you, I started off with backcombing and palm rolling for the first month or so, but it was useless so I switched to twist and rip :D

02/02/11 12:43:51AM @earthstudios:
Welcome to the Escaping Babylon group :)

andrew lazare
12/31/10 02:52:53PM @andrew-lazare:
Thats quite the site you have arranged. Can you tell me more abou the sugar scrubs?

12/28/10 08:14:54PM @celestine:

hey there dear..

thank you so much for the request.

hope you enjoy your journey a lot and find whatever you wish...

take care..

04/21/10 09:47:09PM @zen:
thanks for accepting the friendship.peace&love_zen

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/10 10:39:55PM @soaring-eagle:
glad your here goddess

Lonnie Berg
03/21/10 11:51:57PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you for your friendship kynd one, I'm looking forward to sharing with ya....namaste'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/10 04:55:40PM @soaring-eagle:
knottyboy and dreadheadhq are the worse sites u can go toespecialy dhhq read that entire thread as well as wax is death to dreads didnt u notice all the dreads on there are under a year old?natural works in any hair type and very often doesnt talle long at all (a couple weeks to a couple months)backcombing shreds hair up ripping alot out at the scalpif u dont go natural then t&r is definately best mix odf least damage and best results

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