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New to Hair..?

02/01/11 09:16:16PM

Well I have always been one to dislike shaving completely my pubes (I love women who have a nice trimmed triangle...) but I've always been one to shy away from hairy pits or legs. I used to always shave my legs because when I was sleeping with someone I didn't want them to touch my legs and be grossed out/turned off and also wearing shorts/bathing suits in the summer I didn't wanna even have pricklies. I used to let my underarm hair go a few days maybe a week but it's so dark if I lifted my arm in class and could see it peaking out at me from my T-shirt sleeves I'd meekly lower my arm halfway to hide it and shave when I got home.

About two-ish weeks ago I was like, damn. I need to shave (it's winter so I go longer between shaving) my legs (I would shave my pits every couple days even when not taking a shower that day) so I shaved. For some reason it was really painful and afterwards my legs burned all over and for the next few days itched like hell. I was like are you serious? This hurts like a b*tch I don't wanna shave just to not have to go through that again. So I haven't shaved my legs for a week, maybe two and haven't shaved my armpits for probably about a week. My hair is really dark which I'm still a bit self-conscious about showing :/ I thought of trying to lighten it with hydrogen peroxide.... I also haven't shaved my pubes in about a week, but I think I'll keep shaving it every once in awhile to a nice medium-sized, medium-length triangle :) (Sometimes I even shave it into a heart ;D)

Any advise or tips on over coming the self consciousness, etc.?


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