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The Artist In Me

By SquidFase, 2013-02-26

So I figured since I'm going to be sharing my dreading journey with you very loveliest of people, that I might as well show you the other sides of myself too. I am an artist at heart, I always have been, and always will be.I'mgrowing as an artist too, looking for my outlet.

I think the part of me that is an artist, is also the same part of me that's drawn to my journey of dreads. I heard once somewhere that depending on your personality, your dreads will form in certain fashions or that the gods themselves molded your dreads for you personally. Whetheror not you believe in such things, I believe nature itself creates the most beautiful forms of art you could ever lay your sights on. Letting your dreads grow in the most natural of ways, lets nature take her course, guiding and creating.

So in end, here I show some of my arts.

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