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dreadlocks shampoo
sofie johansen


Location: Aalborg
Country: DK


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normal or fake hair?

By sofie johansen, 2013-09-16

Heei Dreadheads! <3

i want my dreads longer.. so i want hair ekstiensions in them. is it best to make dreads whit fake hair og realy human hair? or is it dosent matter what to do? :)

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how to fix dread whitout crochet hook?

By sofie johansen, 2013-05-20

My dreads is werry fine and i still love them so much! But my problem is my hair is growing like everybodys hair do. and i have lose mycrochet hook to fix it so i can make new hair to dread also. Is there a way to make new hair to dreads whitout things or i am need to buy? :)

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