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how to fix dread whitout crochet hook?

user image 2013-05-20
By: sofie johansen
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My dreads is werry fine and i still love them so much! But my problem is my hair is growing like everybodys hair do. and i have lose mycrochet hook to fix it so i can make new hair to dread also. Is there a way to make new hair to dreads whitout things or i am need to buy? :)

05/20/13 07:47:35AM @kelly3:

You should never use a hook. It breaks hairs ever time you use it and causes weakened dreads. You should just leave them be. Separate, when they begin to grow together, and wash. That is it. They will get very messy as they begin to recover, but hairs will eventually get sucked back up and your dreads will be much healthier for it. Still not as healthy as if you hadn't used the hook, but better than they are now.

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