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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


Location: philadelphia pa
Country: US


rainbow gatherings, rainbow family, rainbow

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20 year old natural neglect dreadlocks

Duration: 00:05:01
my dreads turned 20 years old ive done zero maintenance in 2 years so have alot of congo dreads
Ryan P. Stroud
08/02/11 08:50:29AM @ryan-p-stroud:
I get it man inspirational, I wanna have healthy long lasting dreads, not cookie cutter dreads

Flyin Star
07/08/11 01:18:44PM @flyin-star:

Amazing and very inspiring! What a journey!:D

06/28/11 12:43:14AM @zombetho:
Much respect to you and your locks, my friend :)

Chris Mora
06/27/11 03:17:13PM @chris-mora:
cool to hear you talk, always wondered what you sounded like

03/27/11 07:15:47PM @princenoobsauce:
some of my thin ones have combined too:) I loved this vid! That Bluejay keeps hassling you the whole time:D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/14/11 07:21:58PM @soaring-eagle:
already am but not too fat

Ati Kohunui
02/14/11 07:14:55PM @ati-kohunui:
Nice dreads bro, um wud yu eva let them gro and matt up in tu fat wunz S>E??

02/14/11 02:55:12PM @scibi:
O yeah, it was through this vid I stumbeled on this site ;)) inspiring indeed!!!

02/14/11 02:52:35PM @scibi:
I found this site when looking for an alternative way to wash em, and the bd works wonders!!Great site, usefull info and wicked host! ;)

01/10/11 07:22:46PM @katy:
love this brother!!!!!!! Beautiful vid!!!

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