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Smay Kunkel


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05/23/11 12:10:58PM @peacelovebliss714:
I'm sure I'm not the only stranger to say this to you, but you and your locks are BEAUTIFUL! :)

Panterra Caraway
04/25/11 11:58:42AM @panterra-caraway:
Sorry to just drop in...LOL I heard you don't wash your hair...what do you do? I mean, does it smell or does your scalp itch? I have been a licensed hairstylist 31 years and I am shocked! Not trying to judge you...just curious. Over the long term not washing can be very harmful to your scalp. Your locs look amazing so I am trying to educate myself by asking you what you do...hope you don't mind. Hope to hear from you soon :) You are a very beautiful girl...Sending you peace and blessings...Thank you <3

04/17/11 12:51:58PM @kass:
Your hair is GORGEOUS!! I hope mine can look like yours in a year <3

04/10/11 01:12:09AM @cracker:
Hey! Nice to meet you

03/08/11 10:56:46AM @georgiafreespirit:
haha like when you put your dreads back, or up. it looks like you twist them or something..

03/06/11 11:23:00AM @georgiafreespirit:
how do you tie up your dreads with all the beautiful loops and twirls? The pictures of your dreads are amazing.. :))

Ati Kohunui
02/03/11 07:55:33PM @ati-kohunui:
True that he prooly wud tu aye yeh its the loose hair that gets me wen washing ma loks but i like tu hava fresh scalp after a sweat out at the jym but yeh id rather not have tu wash them but i guess different strokes for different folks lol. Thanx for sharin gurl!Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ati Kohunui
01/31/11 02:48:32PM @ati-kohunui:
Ok so you dont wash yur dreads or yur scalp how is it that u dnt itch or it dnt end up smellin of sweat yur locks be pretty hard to im thinkin so wat du u do tu keep the smell of old sweat and itchiness away?? Id rather not wash ma lockz tuu jist tu make ma loose hair mat up faster kos weni wash it the loose hairs make ma dreads look untidy lol hahah awell patience is a virtue i guess!!!!!!!!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/29/11 05:16:36PM @soaring-eagle:

your dreads are looking amazing


Ati Kohunui
01/12/11 05:36:31AM @ati-kohunui:
Hi i read in wun of yur comments tu sum wun that yu dnt eva wash yur hair aye?? Im guesin that yu du wash yur scalp thoe a?? Adawse it be itchy a?? i try nut tu wash ma dreads tu much tu maybe wunce a week or evry two weeks but it dnt smell tu good weni sweat at the gym so i wash them now and agen but then the loose hair appears newae jist wantd tu share that wif yu hope ur safe and well ma nu frend jah bless!!!!!!!!!!Ur loks look awsum and rugged tu i love it!!!!

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