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Skylar garcia


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Hair bands and hats/bennies

user image 2013-08-02
By: Skylar garcia
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I was wondering if hair band or hats would slow down my knotting at all?
Skylar garcia
08/02/13 03:00:05PM @skylar-garcia:
Okay ill let them be thank all of you for your help much love

the Barrellady
08/02/13 02:58:02PM @the-barrellady:

Skylar, do you have African American hair for it to dread in one week. That is so fast...If so, then your sections are made, they have turned into dreads, now you can just let them be to do their thing. ...peace

Skylar garcia
08/02/13 02:53:39PM @skylar-garcia:
Thank you:) also my hairs still pretty short like 4 4 and half inches and i used the wool rub method so its like pretty much all dreaded but im not sure if i should keep rubbing it or let it be because i feel like it wont dread its self this short but i could just a over thinking it because iv washed it twice and its only been a week and nothing bad happened actual helped.

Tara C
08/02/13 02:49:01PM @tara-c:

It can if you wear them all the time or if they're too tight. Wear loose-fitting hats and when you tie them back, do it loosely and it'll be fine :)

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