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Root help, por favor!

user image 2013-06-30
By: Sierra O-H
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I'm oh so baby fresh as a member, but I've been brought back to this site every time I've had any inquiry when it comes to my dreads, I figured it was time to join.

So, a question, or rather a plea for suggestions:

As a young dreader (as it goes in both ways), I've tried a lot of different things for locking my smooth hair. 6 months ago a "professional" dreader crocheted mine and left them really nicely locked. I love that they are locked much better now, but as they grow out, I don't want to crochet them anymore because my hair breaks easily under the needle. So, what have you, oh people with soft fine hair at the roots, done to help them lock? I don't want tight roots, but I'm having trouble locking them as they grow out.

Gratitude to you all,


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/30/13 02:23:46PM @soaring-eagle:

now u git 12,000 friends with dreads :)

Sierra O-H
06/30/13 01:38:06PM @sierra-o-h:

Thank you all for the tips! I trust that my dreads are in good hand with your advice! I don't have any friends with dreads and so my hair is suffering!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/30/13 01:20:48PM @soaring-eagle:


leave em alonne let them dread unfortunately the crochet was a huuuuuge mistake and will take 6 months to recover from before any actual dreading ocurs

they got to loosen up enough to move again and not be so stiff (professional dreaders are the biggest mistake you can make)

they lock on thier own but u got to give em enough time and now its going to take much much monger since u tried to rush it with wax and crochet


remove all wax

through the crochet hook in the trash

and do nothing at all just wash and seperate

forget u even have hair

just leave it alone let it dread on its own

the Barrellady
06/30/13 12:33:06PM @the-barrellady:

Hi baby fresh as a member. As you found out, the crochet hook does break the hair, no matter what the texture is, it breaks all hair, they just don't tell you that at the salon because they want you money! Using a crochet hook takes the hair 6 months to recover before it will begin the journey of maturing again. As for the roots, young dreads have a 2-4 loose root area so they can do the journey to become mature dreads, the hair needs to move around. Once they are fully mature, they still have a 1 inch loose root area. Why is that you ask. Well, dreads move in the wind, dance when you dance, and some tie them up. If they are tight to the scalp, they cause stress and start to pull out hairs, and it would hurt too- a feeling of being pulled. So the hair knows that it needs a loose root area to be free to move, just natures way.

That is why you will see photos of people who have crocheted and you can see the scalp in between each dread, the hair has been pulled out the the tightness. When mature, no scalp shows. So just let them be and do their thing, your dreads and scalp will be better for it...


Princess Kay
06/30/13 05:07:52AM @princess-kay:

Hi ! eres espanyol? First of all, welcome.

You shouldnt have crochetted your hair, its no healthy for your dreads, and it takes more time to dread in the scalp... also the hair suffers and they wont be as strong as natural dreads...

But tou are still on time to recover!

Easy.... DONT DO ANYTHING. Let them recover by themself....

nos vemos por aqui!

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