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01/15/11 03:24:55AM @khaos:
Thanks!! Canada ftw ^.^

10/22/10 07:22:02AM @cam:
Sawasdee,well thx so much for that link .Infact i love thats video, wow surprise!! when im post to that link then this video open up.Well, feeling realy warm,thx so much again for all:)blessing.

09/12/10 12:39:04AM @cam:
Thk so much,my friend:D X X X X X X X

Daniela Martinez
08/15/10 01:19:10PM @erin-scherer:

Daniela Martinez
08/02/10 09:08:17AM @erin-scherer:
you are so kind --- when we get settled in Oregon--- we'll extend the same inviation---- you and yours will always have a place to rest in Oregon----Aloha Naja & Judy

Daniela Martinez
08/01/10 10:01:22PM @erin-scherer:
thanks for info --- i been planning name for dog to be vancouver for many years now -- after we visited the bc area--- we stayed near ubc--- people were so kool--- good-- now i can tell my wife we need to get another dog so we can name him one the island names--- glad to have you as a friend--- Aloha Naja

Kyle Nutter
08/01/10 12:32:16AM @janeen-toteanu:
:( Sad face for the mala beads!

Daniela Martinez
07/29/10 11:30:12PM @erin-scherer:
i love vancouver so much we 're gonna name our dog vancouver when we get it --- canada is so kool--especially the island-- love that island sweet skunk--- tell DJ Short we said hey hehehehe

07/05/10 12:43:59PM @juraj-petrik:
Hey friend:) hope your day is finding you well!

Adrian Keenan
06/23/10 01:46:09PM @fanci-taylor:
hahahahahahayaaaaa, that's how I found out about them too ;p

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