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Baby Dreads!

By SarahSuffocate, 2012-06-03

I got my dreads on June 1st. I bought rubber bands and went over to my friends house. I couldnt wait to start. I decided to use rubber bands because I was having like 5 of us doing dreads and it was just easier to section it all off. I tried to get "No damage/hurt" rubber bands but it hurt trying to take them out later so that was kinda fail. We used the twist and rip method. My friends got frustrated because they couldnt get the hang of it but they watched a few videos and finally figured it out. I made like 5 of them in the front.

Some of my dreads are itty bitty and others we call "catipillars" cuz they're fat and fuzzy. But the fat ones are my favorite. My head has a lot of charater now. I love them. And i've already started to notice them changing up a bit. I feel like the front ones are to small but I'm trying to just leave them all alone and let them do their thing. I wear them up when I go out cuz they are a little crazy down right now. But I'm letting them loose right now.

Sleeping is sorta difficult cuz I have really fine straight hair so sleeping with lumps now it takes me a little while to figure out how to lay them on my pillow. But none the less I love them and all my friends are really proud of their handy work. :)

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Saved my life!

By SarahSuffocate, 2012-05-31

So.. I've wanted dreads for 2 and a half years. I finally decided to do it after I graduated highschool. The only websites I had found were dreadheadhq and knottyboys, or websites only suggesting the "neglect" method. Which was not for me. So I bought a kit from dreadheadhq and I recieved it today.

First of all I would like to state that when I opened it there was white powder all over the box which I'm guessing was the "locka pepper" which was really gross and everything else was coated with it.

I do believe that I had reseached all sorts of things and I am sad that I never came across this site. :( damn you google!!! But anyway... Today after recieving the package I decided to look up if consumers prefered dreadheadhq or knotty boys. and what do I find????


And my heart sank... I spent 80 dollars on a stupid kit and some "dreadhead butter" And I will end up only getting 50 or 60 dollars back... But I was so happy that I came across this before I put the terrible stuff into my hair and ruin my dread experience.

I've decided to do the "twist and rip" method and my friends are going to help. My mom works in the area of essiential oils and such so i can do this so much more naturally.... I cant even begin to explain how happy I am that I stumbled upon this before it was to late....

I also warned my friend to stay away from those terrible people since he plans to get dreads soon too as well....


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