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Rob Weller


Location: Big Sur, CA
Zipcode: 93920
Country: US


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Brittany Kurutz
11/25/13 10:54:26AM @brittany-kurutz:

I love your dreads! Can't wait till mine mature :]

Robert shawn bozarth
07/12/10 09:38:39AM @robert-shawn-bozarth:
what type of dreading method did you use?

Ashton Delany
12/19/09 06:54:02PM @ashton-delany:
WOAH! I really want to make it there some day even just a visit. i'm in Michigan now buuut Big Sur sounds like a fun place :) it's cool that you've lived there for a while and still think it's amazing. i mean i probably would too but it's just exciting.

Ashton Delany
12/18/09 10:24:10AM @ashton-delany:
you look wonderful. And i think it's supa cool you live in Big Sur, i've read about it...and in my movements it's somewhere i plan to check out...

11/13/09 05:08:25PM @emily:
your pics are sweet!

Courtney J
10/12/09 12:46:24PM @courtney-j:
No probmlem. I love the pic comment. I likethat concept :)

Courtney J
10/12/09 12:27:18PM @courtney-j:
Thank you fro the friendship :)

Cassandra Croswell
09/24/09 03:31:41PM @cassandra-croswell:
Very nice dreads you have

Lonnie Berg
09/19/09 09:14:11AM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings Brother, glad you're here

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/18/09 10:59:13PM @soaring-eagle:
add some of your music would love a listen (in the morn when i can crank it till the windows rattle)

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