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Reece Willmott - Rice

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my tattoo
me in april with my brother and grandad lol


Charlotte Nyström
05/21/10 05:35:20AM @charlotte-nystrm:
Lets hope you never tire of them then;)I'm studying to becoma nurse, really interesting and fun! Want to work with Doctors Without Boarders one day so that's my goal:)haha, my last exam for the summer is in two weeks, wish I cold avoid it too^^

Charlotte Nyström
05/20/10 05:51:02AM @charlotte-nystrm:
Oh, that sounds cool! Yeah I've heard Opeth a few times, they're good, nice relaxing music:pMy week has been good, a lot of studying but only 2 more weeks and then I'm off for the summer, yeah!

Charlotte Nyström
05/17/10 06:11:03AM @charlotte-nystrm:
What type of music will you be playing with the band?:)Haha, a baby dread! It will grow with some tlc:p

Charlotte Nyström
05/16/10 04:12:12PM @charlotte-nystrm:
Haha, that sounds leathal! I must confess I didn't crowd surf, but it was a good gig anyway:) Loads of friends came and the other bands that played were really good. Hope your weekend was fab:)Take care! xx

Charlotte Nyström
05/15/10 12:59:27AM @charlotte-nystrm:
Haha, yeah, I could be killed- but what a way to go!^^I'll have to play it by ear and see how many come tonight:pHave a nice Saturday! xx

hippie mama
05/13/10 04:34:00PM @hippie-mama:
i just wanted to say thnx for the comment it was very nice to read. alot of our generation ppl love his hair too. it just shows the diffrences in acceptance from generation to generation. you know dude. each generation is more and more accepting. alothough some old ppl are very supportive and open.

Charlotte Nyström
05/12/10 09:06:14AM @charlotte-nystrm:
Thanks,hope it goes well!Wow, cool. I'd like to stage dive but I'm not sure if I dare, just think if the audience doesn't catch me^^ haha!peace!

Charlotte Nyström
05/12/10 01:23:43AM @charlotte-nystrm:
Yay! Glad you liked us eventhough the lyrics are a mystery^^We gig once a month, roughly. The biggest one this year, so far, is on Saturday- can't wait!:)Hope you have a nice day, take care!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/11/10 04:22:16PM @soaring-eagle:
they have em everywhere in the world just alot bigger and alot more often here

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/11/10 01:11:02PM @soaring-eagle:
no they are alwats freeall are from the gatherings and theres over 25 hours of musyc freree here theres usualy more added a month or 2 after every national gathering so after u download them all check back aug or sept see if theres more.. or come to the gathering if u can

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