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Charlotte Nyström


Location: Gothenburg
Country: SE


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thai massage
thai massage
March 2010


04/06/11 09:33:50AM @evolet:
your dreads look amazing. how did you start them?

Colin Johnson
03/13/11 08:55:52PM @colin-johnson:
Your dreads are awesome and you are a very beautiful girl!

12/03/10 05:35:24AM @justmyparanoia:
I'm loving the locks! And i'm curious how many you have of them? It seems like you have a great start with them.

07/22/10 07:10:03PM @atom:
Only three months?? Your dreads are beautiful!! How did u start out?

Ian Shuirr
06/29/10 10:43:16PM @ian-shuirr:
your band is awesome!!!

06/28/10 07:00:00PM @fifi:

Reece Willmott - Rice
05/21/10 12:23:39PM @reece-willmott-rice:
u could say that :P lol. but my concept on tattoos is that each part of my tattoo, and future tattoos will represent me for who i am/was at the time, and i can always look back and think, "that was me when i was younger.." i guess, and i'll always respect that :)that sounds pretty awsome, good to see u know what u wanna do. mines either gonna be session drumming, or a cage fighter haha i can only hope i'll turn out as one of them. :)

05/21/10 01:43:48AM @summer:
Hey mama,Thanks for the add! You are so beautiful....and the harp is an impressive instrument of choice as well! Right on sista!

Reece Willmott - Rice
05/20/10 08:55:18PM @reece-willmott-rice:
yeah :) opeth are my favourite band, my whole sleeves based around them, i have the O and the lyrics from in my time of need on there, and also the orchid flower :) big fan i guess hhao cool, what are u studying? most of my mates have their exams atm, im glad i avoided all the exams lol

Reece Willmott - Rice
05/19/10 08:20:44PM @reece-willmott-rice:
the style will be progressive metal, as its good for experiementing with different styles like latin, jazz and funk lol adds some groove i guess :P lol like opeth, have u heard of them?haha yeah! hopefully it will lock up quick and fit in with the rest lol:)hows ur week been? x

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