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dreadlocks shampoo
Rainbow ~ Wannabe


Location: Quebec
Country: CA

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Mirror-Shot xD
I Love Unique Make-up
Me & My Hazel Eyes :)
:P Haha
My Crazy-ass Make Up
Peacee && Loveee <3
Butterfly Kiss ^__^
Trees Are Beautiful <3
I Love The Fall , The Leaves Are Beautiful ! :)


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/13/11 07:50:45PM @soaring-eagle:
ive never palm rolled in my life most agree its pointlyess and does nothing unles your compressing hair in wax to make candles

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/13/11 12:59:07PM @soaring-eagle:

if u randomize it more it wont but even if it does the braided look goes away in a week or 2

its better then the sideshow bob look

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/11/11 02:37:29PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome twist and rips better then backcomb

and how can yiu be a wannabe when you are what you are?

Lizzie Meyer
11/16/10 11:10:21AM @robert-junior:
well thanks. he's had his for quite some time. my babies are growing.. i love your dreads too :))

Lizzie Meyer
11/14/10 06:09:28PM @robert-junior:
hello, good to be your friend now :)

07/23/10 05:35:12PM @tainy303:
yeah man it worked out perfectly hah we don't get to skate it much cause the place across the street from the entrance calls the cops if anyone turns in there. But we have killer night sessions and weekend filming trips hah

07/01/10 08:32:39PM @tamra-rustad:
Word. That's what's up my brother. no problem.

06/30/10 11:48:52AM @kaleb-perez:
HI brother. Yours dreads are awesome.Did you lock them in natural way?Brazilian hug to you

06/29/10 09:40:23AM @charity:
no probem :) im lovin your locks

06/29/10 08:11:50AM @tainy303:
Yeah man I do hah and actually it's not too bad where I live.Me and a few of my friends found this abandoned water park and we're slowly turning it into a skatepark man

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