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Baba Fats
05/18/13 10:20:04PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. But Eagle and Barrellady are right about palm rolling. I did it, daily, for just the first 2 weeks, and 7 years later I'm still trying to fix the damage. Palm rolling only does 1 of 2 things. If you don't do it much, it doesn't do anything to create lasting knots. It only makes them look neat for a few hours. If you do it enough to see any progress, it's too much, and will severely destroy your roots

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/18/13 08:19:49PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but wouldnt bother palm rollin really doesnt help

hope no wax or anything was used was it?

the Barrellady
05/18/13 06:52:03PM @the-barrellady:

Please read this since you also have wax and have a followup appointment in 9 days as a salon

the Barrellady
05/18/13 06:43:53PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community Radio and to the best site on the web for happy healthy dreads. I see on chat some of your sections are 3 inches in the back. Unless you want Huge congos (which can take 36 hours to dry once mature), then you should separate them into sections 1 inch or smaller... Also, don't palmroll, it really does not good but can cause harm if done too often...Peace

Keila Bean
09/16/13 10:11:06AM @keila-bean:

Welcome to this humble community brother :D Thank you so much for the add. May the heavens bless you and your family. Much love for you, xoxox.

06/26/13 02:11:21PM @am:

Thanks man. Your dreads are awesome dude.

Kenly Ray
06/23/13 07:48:47AM @kenly-ray:

Hey Dread Munky..thx for welcoming me :) you have lovely pics posted.... have a nice day...lovey

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
06/05/13 11:01:32PM @tyler-chidester:

Welcome to the community Dread Munky and greetings to the Philippines....Peace

wyatt walker
05/31/13 12:26:08PM @wyatt-walker:

thanks urs too looks cool bro


wyatt walker
05/31/13 12:25:20PM @wyatt-walker:

welcome to dreadlocks site! best dreads site eva haha

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