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Location: North Conway, NH
Zipcode: 03860
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/07/12 01:53:57PM @soaring-eagle:

Baba Fats
12/07/12 01:34:49PM @baba-fats:


Sebastian Graham
05/27/14 01:15:57AM @sebastian-graham:

awesome free form locks

keep em growin... much love and respect jah bless

Bob Davison2
01/06/14 04:25:00PM @brandon-tomaselli:

Hello sister!

Happy New Year!

Well sister , I hope that you forgive me mor one once , always I am busy with personal things of muy so, , I didnt have time to come in this site , but I hope to come easy right now , and come mor , to enjoy this site.

Is so polite buy your site , to put me free to contact you , chat and talk with you , is good to see that you enjoy the friendship with me.

By muy side , I hope also the you have a so great "NEW YEAR" with so many blesses of All(God).




Bob Davison2
12/15/13 07:57:09AM @brandon-tomaselli:

Hello sister !

I hope that you forgive muyself , to take so long time , to reply you , I past for few personal troubles where I live , thanks for All (God - Jah) right now , everything is ok .

I am so thanks , for you come be muy friend.

By muy side , I promise for you , that I will keep the Friendship between us forever.




11/01/13 05:13:26PM @rawtn:

hi! thank you for accepting my request! i'd love to give you some tips on painting. Just tell me what you'd like to learn and I'll help you as best i can. (btw sorry for responding so late)

09/16/13 03:19:50PM @radioactivemicrobe:


07/27/13 11:45:56PM @most-known-unkown:

peace queen! thank u for the accept! yea freeform has definetly been a journy but ur locs are coming along really really nice. but dont b a stranger hit me up sometime. bless up queen!

06/22/13 06:47:50PM @mad-tuff:
Hey sistah J.. It's very good 2 hear from u.. I'm well thanks.. Been super super super major busy. Hw have u been sinc we last spoke?

05/03/13 10:17:03AM @mad-tuff:
Hey, I'm pretty irie over here thanks. Good to know you've been well:) never handled a hammer before? Haha(this should be fun) do be careful.I think it'll turn out more than awesome.Hammering away is fun and adrenalin rushing:D until.... Uh.....ouch!:)Yah, it is quite hard to commit. Especially in this fast paced digital world we live in where most of our surroundings is not conscious about the earth we live in and what we put in our bodies and feed our minds. Would be a lot easier if we were with the Tibeatan monks:) but your'e going right by starting off small.. 5min a day is worth much.. Persevereance is strength.Haha.. Yah, I guess so.. They deserve it.. They've been through so much trial, and are still going to go through more for the next 5 months, so they'l need all the strength and love there is to give. Haha.. Yes please! Any day, minute, time or season, I'm up for herbal tea..:D nothing else revives you like tea does. Do you mean roast? No, I don't roast it myself.. Though, I would love to farm tea one day.. Amongst other herbs:D. Hehe..well, in general, we brew tea before we drink it.. Unless you enjoy it cold? Ice tea? What does tea taste like? Well, there are literally hundred of thousands of diff types of teas(probably even more) they all taste diff.. But the tea I'm currently drinking is silkier that the strides of a black panther moving silently in th amazon.. And very uplifting. Has a mysterious charming subtle musk that lingers around after drinking.. I'm sorry, I get carried away when tea is involved.. You should look for jasmine tea at a chinese shop, you'll enjoy it. If you already havn't had any of it.Ting ting ting!! Your light bulb is so bright!!:) BIS.. Who would'v thunk it? I'm from South Africa, so Zar stands for South African Rand.. Likewise sister.. May the most high guide andd bless you and you loved ones.. One Love

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