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Natural dread timeline.

By oostan heimach, 2011-09-03

Before starting my dread journey i was skeptical,

but exited to expiriment with the natural method of dreading.

so heres a rough timeline from day 1..


i have very fine straight hair.After my first baking soda wash with 1/3 cup baking soda and about 5 shots sea saltit came out a little textured..


I was suprised at how quickly it joined into sections..

so i decided to learn to crochet tams to help the knotting.

after about 1 month of repeating that simple wash every other day or so..

1 may

i back combed that one before finding dreadlockssite.after about two months of the same wash and some extra love i start to see somereal sections forming.

2 June

ponytail gets thicker and hair begins to curl/frizz into sections.

it was amazing how fast it thickened up justby kicking the comb..lots of loose hairs still but that is thebeauty of the natural process your dreads choose there roots sections for comfort and health and individuality..

3 july

sections are defining themselves and forming loops and locing up a bit..

4 August

5 September

6 October

7 november

(switched from bs to dreadlock shampoo) that stuff

is great!

8 december

9 January

10 February


11 March

april (1 year)

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hulla hooping

By oostan heimach, 2011-09-03

is awesome, im still a noob but i learned at summerdance festival last weekend. i got some sweet moves already 1 day ill post a video

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hello from ohio

By oostan heimach, 2011-04-29

hello im oostan heimach,

ive decided to let my hairs go on there own.

i started backcombing a single lock a few days ago,

i added a littltle bees wax that i found in my cubbord.

today i realized that wasnt such a great idea,

so i rinsed with two T. bs and 1 sea salt and now here i am waiting to see if my hair starts knotting.

i plann on rinsing again in a few days maybe add some acv to the mix.

just wanted to shout out, introduce myself, see if i can get any advice, on how to go about getting them to lock up in a natural way i guess.

send me some feedback, peace.

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