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Brothers And Sisters

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Waking Up

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winter solstice
22 hours to go..
sushi boat


David Alger
04/09/12 12:37:11PM @david-alger:

thank u for the friend request:)

09/05/11 03:08:08AM @taye:

yes...I was there. I had a wonderful time. Hope you did too :)

05/23/11 07:20:12PM @ben:
hey thanks! like your cat haha

05/21/11 02:52:19AM @naturelover:
I'm glad you like them as well. (:

Andrew Daniels
05/07/11 11:51:30PM @andrew-daniels:
All Natural- I wash them when i shower- usually every other day unless i be real dirty. I use a all natural oatmeal soap ( round bar). I make sure that i scrub them well with it to keep em clean. And thats it. Oh and as they get thicker they take longer to dry...up to 12 hrs usually, my queens take up to 24 hrs. Which i am kinda a stickler about since my last dreads went down to rot- too wet never having the time to dry out.
These are 12 yrs old now- i have some slow growing hair- seems like the past two years or so they have been mainly thickening up more then gaining length. what ever though it doesn't really matter- they are my representing symbol of the inner twining of my spirit and nature.
Peace to you friend

05/03/11 08:44:25PM @john2:
enough for a meaningful birthday present, haha. the only one of its kind i've done so far, but i really havent done anything that big before either. not planning on quitting though... just getting started haha

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/30/11 01:37:24AM @soaring-eagle:

John O'Leary
08/12/12 04:27:10AM @john-oleary:

Biotin isn't something really needed to research.Just taking 1000-5000mcg per day helps with hair growth...Nails too unfortunately,but clipping those off takes just a few minutes.Takes some weeks before noticeable progress because hair still grows slow.But biotin definitely helps it grow a bit faster and stronger.the base of my dreads grew out faster since then,and dense as can be.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/21/12 11:26:08PM @soaring-eagle:

yea wool rubbing will just dcreate a general knotty mess needing to be ripped apart alot and u can rub out as many knots as you rub in now all u should be doing is leave em alone wash and seperate thats all


07/21/12 11:13:15PM @darkstar:

Welcome. But no need to rub your hair.

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