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Omega Yeti


Location: Forks, WA
Zipcode: 98331
Country: US


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Omega Yeti

Long Distance Boarding

Here is an idea that I've been...
@Omega Yeti 11 years ago - Comments: 2

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72 super
72 super
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hurricane camp robber
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cloud wing
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72 Super Beetle
Get that camera out of my face
garden fresh spuds


Dazed Yeti
10/19/10 02:04:35AM @dazed-yeti:
Haha and here I was thinkin I was the only one. Thanks for the welcoming

07/02/10 09:32:54PM @joshua:
awesome choice of music man! epica n moody blues.

07/01/10 12:29:32PM @bird:
All of your photos gave me a great feeling. Washington is a beautiful state! I don't know what I would do without the stunning scenery of the pacific northwest.

06/28/10 03:16:29PM @amanda4:
no problem :]

Vudu Doll
06/28/10 01:50:11PM @vudu-doll:
Thanx 4 the birthday wishes... sorry I'm so late @ returning the message

Laura Darling
06/28/10 11:13:02AM @laura-darling:
thank you :) yeah that's what I'm afraid of, being too attached to them. I really probably won't get rid of them, I think getting dreads is going to be the most amazing decision in my life.

Shayna Jackson
06/27/10 01:53:59PM @shayna-jackson:
ha ha indeed! gotta love it man :)

06/14/10 08:18:36PM @cavewoman:
aw thats so legit =D too bad though

hippie mama
06/14/10 07:20:22PM @hippie-mama:
ur right dude dreadie families do rock. its just awesome. i would love to meet another one in person but they are few and far between unfortunately

06/13/10 11:01:15PM @katy:
thanks for the add!!

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