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Pay it forward!- Bird

PayitForward in 2011: I promise to...
@Bird 10 years ago - Comments: 4

chronic stress.

We have some very insightful people...
@Bird 11 years ago - Comments: 4

Contents of my brain on the night of april 24th, 2010.

Had an urge to write (they don't come...
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Cow dream.

So this morning, after the first...
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adviceee!!! please!

Alright.So long story short i just...
@Bird 11 years ago - Comments: 12

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Mia Elizabeth
06/06/11 12:30:05PM @mia-elizabeth:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

(Dead URL)>

Peace & love,


Brian Joyce
04/19/11 05:27:04PM @brian-joyce:

Hi Bird. Do you happen to be into bird watching per chance? My latest bird news is that as I was walking through the woods on Saturday I approached a familiar rock outcropping, sort of a brief cliff on the side of a hill, off the top I had flushed a vulture and then from a nearby tree another one flew out. As I watched them I noticed another one in a tree. Then, that one flew. All three circled overhead. I made gentle wing flapping motions in an effort to make a relation with them. I believe they got it because they continued to circled overhead for a while. On the chance that I had interrupted a nesting site, I left the way I had come and gave their location a lot of space. I don't have any negative feelings about vultures even if they aren't the most attractive bird.

Hope you've got your lonely nights situation worked out. Wait a minute! No I don't! I got lonely nights issues of my own. Hate to see a lonely female dreadlocker.

04/09/11 11:37:00PM @erik:
HALLO, you're wonderful, that is all.

01/22/11 07:25:22AM @erik:

oh man i hadn't heard of Faun but I listened to that An Dro song for like an hour at work today, totally earning my nerd badge while everyone else jammed to the radio haha. Super funky song, i reallylikethis folk stuff and getting through these albums is gonna take a while at this rate :).

Oregon seems waaay more fun than brooklyn, which is where I am. Not many plants or mountains or animals or rivers or anything cool haha, just a bunch of cigarette smokers and people trying to get somewhere waaay too fast. what is oregon like? It seems really awesome to just go outside and walk around and explore...

01/20/11 09:14:04PM @erik:

hey that's awesome! I wish my school had offered some kind of classes on that stuff. I know i have someFinnblood in me but I'm not sure what my makeup is entirely since my origins aside from fragmented details are a big mystery. I'm just fascinated with the culture, the art and the music mostly. Where do you harken from?

Also I like your dreads quite a lot! no worries about the oil, keep with em! They will be glorious!

also I am going to spam you with art since you were so nice about my terrible work, haha. Do you have any favorite artists? What kinds of music do you like and stuff?

01/20/11 05:50:28PM @jessicaadam:
Just have to say that you blew my mind knowing that, that photo was taken at Mt. Tabor. For the simple fact that there is nothing in that pic that is unique or identifiable about it...My friend that took the pic thought that was pretty amazing just wanted to say thank you for your nice comment and hope you're enjoying your day...much love and appreciation-Jessica

Star Child
01/17/11 08:11:59AM @star-child:
of course dear :] if you ever wana chat or something sometime you just gotta lemme know we can be advice buddies :]

01/17/11 03:25:13AM @erik:

thank you v. much! very kind of you to say so. Cool, I now have a friend here, yay :)!

Steaze McGee
01/11/11 12:53:44AM @steaze-mcgee:
Ya history is dope. I am no historian though. I love literature. It allows a freedom that philosophy doesn't, an enjoyable story.Ah I feel you with chemistry. I think science always falls short in explaining the workings of the world. I can explain away gravity but I cannot explain away love. I don't think life would exist with these innate forces, but I do if there is a force that makes things want to attach. I might be a romantic or a realist.I am not sure what I am going to make people yet. I really want to do something different for each person. I have a friend with a t-shirt press and I also am about to make a few head bands. Those are the two so far but I think it would be fun to make unique stuff given the situation.

Steaze McGee
01/11/11 12:27:42AM @steaze-mcgee:

Hey Bird how are you?

What do you go to school for? I am a philosophy and history double major and I am probably going to go to more school. Just thought I would say hi.

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