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dreadlocks shampoo
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the Barrellady
06/12/13 03:44:30AM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community fellow Canuck.
Enjoy the site, the members and all the healthy information....peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/13 11:03:48AM @soaring-eagle:

weolcome oh no..knottyboy?

if u used the wax get the wax b gone and get that nasty wax iut right away

wax is a scam and worse a dread killer it must be agressivly removed it does not wash out..ever

its really evil stuff

1/2 our members are knottyboy victims

Baba Fats
06/11/13 07:32:40AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. But unfortunately, I have to be the first one to let you know. Knotty Boy is a complete and total scam. If you got suckered into using one of their kits, you will never have mature locks.

Here's a few reasons why:

Wax. Wax is a hydrocarbon. It is essentially waterproofing your hair, by gluing it all together. This prevents tangles, loops, and knots from forming. If knots don't form, they can't accumulate. Therefore, no dreadlocks. That's the best case scenario. Wax completely prevents locks from happening.

The worst case scenario, but more likely than not, is that was causes mold/mildew to grow. Like I said before, wax is a hydrocarbon. That means that NO AMOUNT of hot water and normal soap can clean it out. You need a detergent, weeks-months of scrubbing 2-3 days a week, to get it all out. And that's only if you used wax once. Because your head is not water proofed, any moisture that does manage to get into your hair, either from showering or being out in the rain, will be trapped there. It becomes stagnant, and begins to decay your hair, from the inside of the lock, out. Mold/mildew take hold and your hair will rot on your head. But because you have wax in, the hairs will stay glued in place, so you won't notice until you begin wax removal sessions. This can happen extremely quickly. I lost 1/2 my hair to wax in only 2 months, with my first set of locks.

Wax will harden over time, giving the impression that your locks are more mature. But in 10 years, they won't be any more mature than if you just started. They never mature past the first day you put wax in.

If you got a kit with a crochet hook, NEVER use it. Crocheting locks does nothing to help them progress. It only helps to destroy your hair. With every pass of the hook, you shred your hairs into hundreds of pieces. This makes your locks incredibly weak and brittle. It also over tightens your locks and makes them stiff and hard.

The rubber bands that come with those kits is damaging too. They squeeze your locks too tightly, and create weak spots that will cause your locks to snap in places over time. They also tend to get sucked up into your locks, where they dry rot and let mold grow.

All in all, KB is a scam. Check out the dreaducation page, and the recovery forums to see what others, who used kits, are going through

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/16/13 05:12:20PM @soaring-eagle:

ok i had 1 person say that b4 then asked dozens to test it and they had no probs

well now i know and i can redo it a diferent way


Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
08/01/13 04:30:47PM @tyler-chidester:

The difference between this and the new site...well the new site was created to work more easily for phones etc...the kinks are still being worked out and it should be up and running within 6 months time, just depends on the kinks. When it is all completed, the two sites will then merge into one. Every once in a while Soaring Eagle asks for help with the new site, he puts that up on chat. So if you have a mobile and can help when needed, that would be great, gets the other site done that much faster......peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/01/13 11:13:40AM @soaring-eagle:

saw your comment to barrel to answer the question 3.0 is built on a responsive grid with "mobile 1st" design so the mobuile and desktop sites are the same site 2.0 is very limmited on mobile but 3.0 you have full access to everything

that and multiple forums blogs photo galleries its a massive upgrade

especialy for mobile users

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
07/31/13 08:02:09PM @tyler-chidester:

Once you click the members tab, the next page opens, right above where it says featured members are the white tabs, They say "all members" " bands and musicians" " crafty crafters" " dread gurus" then comes the "hair scalp health experts"

I don't use a phone, so not sure if it looks any different with it....peace

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
07/31/13 05:16:25PM @tyler-chidester:

Hey again Zachary, sounds like you naturally have a scalp condition. You are using the ratios right, and leaving it on long enough, so here is a thought for you to do. If you go up to the members tab & click it, another page opens, read the white tabs.... one says hair scalp health that one....four members who are our experts pop up, send each one a message letting them know about your scalp, that you use proper ratios & time...ask them what you can do to improve it. Be patient, they will reply and WILL be able to help you out tremendously. I think that Panterra checks her mail a lot....good luck, sorry I could not help you more, but it will come your way soon....peace

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
07/30/13 03:03:23PM @tyler-chidester:

Hi Zachary. When you use the baking soda wash, there are a couple of things to make sure. 1) the ratio is right 1/2 cup of BS to 5 cups of water...if you don's have that much hair, you can divide the ratio into two....2) are you leaving it on for the 10 minutes to exfoliate the scalp? 10-15 minutes works the best. I know you used the BS before, but if you are not leaving it on long enough, then the scalp is not getting exfoliated which means that there is still scalp skin there.

If your scalp and hair is not normally oily, then follow the BS wash with the ACV rinse, otherwise over time your hair will get fried out, very dry. This happened to me and it took months to repair. You can rinse out the ACV right away. Mix 1 capful of ACV to 5 cups of water, pour on hair after you rinse out the BS wash, then rinse it out right away. The ACV balances back the hair and scalp PH levels.

Let me know if you were doing anything different from this, and we will take it from there.....thanks....peace

Nychölas Niĉjo Candle Bougie
06/21/13 01:56:00PM @nychlas-nijo-candle-bougie:
Thank you. I appreciate it.

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