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What about Aloe?

user image 2009-10-06
By: Nick Colasurdo
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Ok, i know wax is a no go but what about aloe?I'm gonna try the back combing method for my dreads i did one but it looked all frizzy and felt like it was coming unraveled.My friend said he used aloe and his dreads are pretty nice, any advice?
Nick Colasurdo
10/06/09 05:10:58PM @nick-colasurdo:
haha true true,

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/06/09 04:59:34PM @soaring-eagle:
actualy ..there is no such thing as perferct except how they come put is whats perrfect fpr u

Nick Colasurdo
10/06/09 04:53:44PM @nick-colasurdo:
haha ok SE i gotcha haha its a journey you can't get em perfect right away,

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/06/09 04:33:25PM @soaring-eagle:
ugotta realize NO HAIR LIKES BEING BACKCOMBED it is very aggressive and dammaging so yea they will be frizz puffsand backcombing is not dreading so they usualy will unravel before dreadingyour gonna look goofy after backcombingaloes good but can be overused..only use it when u really need to other then that let the dreads do what dreads do..dread..they gotta be funky looking babies before they grow up to look mature

Nick Colasurdo
10/06/09 04:17:59PM @nick-colasurdo:
haha thanks man i'll keep that in mind, how long have you had your dreads?

10/06/09 03:52:18PM @iain:
yeah man, I know what you mean, just gotta remember the first months are the hardest regardless of what you try to do, (loose hairs bumps and kinks an whatnot)

Nick Colasurdo
10/06/09 03:48:07PM @nick-colasurdo:
ok cool man haha it seems like my hair doesnt back comb easily so i just wonderin

10/06/09 03:34:55PM @iain:
its more common than you might think, it's good to use for smoothing over your hair, don't turn to it to smooth every frizz you get though since it is conditioning,my co-worker *he's black and always liked to talk to me about dreads said his brother only used aloe also also that even he didn't like using beeswax or other stuff, and that was years ago

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