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dreadlocks shampoo
Nick Colasurdo


Location: Queen Creek, AZ
Zipcode: 85242
Country: US


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Any Dreadies in the AZ area?

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-01
Hey i'm just wonderin if there are any dreadies in az haven't seen many ecxept a few in flag,
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Backcombing method

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-09-26
i tried backcombing a section of my hair but my hairs really straight so when i tried twisting all the backcombing came out, any suggestions?
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Gettin Ready

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-02
Hi guys, i'm trying to get my hair/scalp ready for dreads. What products can i use to strip it off all the oils and residue?
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What about Aloe?

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-06
Ok, i know wax is a no go but what about aloe?I'm gonna try the back combing method for my dreads i did one but it looked all frizzy and felt like it was coming unraveled.My friend said he used aloe and his dreads are pretty nice, any advice?
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Waiting is the worst

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-11-23
So i've waited exactly a year to grow my hair out. I think its been a long enough wait and i'm starting my dreads on January 12th. I dont think i've ever been this excited for something ever!
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Dreading in three weeks NEED HELP

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-12-23
hey so i'm dreading in a couple weeks but i was wondering if i should get Bar soap or liquid? how much to dilute it? and what brand?Thanks for your responses!!!
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