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Nick Colasurdo


Location: Queen Creek, AZ
Zipcode: 85242
Country: US


Blogs: 6
images: 16

Any Dreadies in the AZ area?

By: Nick Colasurdo
Posted in:
Hey i'm just wonderin if there are any dreadies in az haven't seen many ecxept a few in flag,
Nick Colasurdo
10/09/09 12:50:01PM @nick-colasurdo:
haha yeah i hear ya on that! What city do you live in i'm out in Chandler/Queen Creek area,

10/07/09 11:47:59AM @izzy-licious:
though the sooner I can get out of here the better

10/07/09 11:47:41AM @izzy-licious:
yay AZ

Nick Colasurdo
10/01/09 10:30:06PM @nick-colasurdo:
haha i never realized that, thanks man

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/30/09 11:55:49PM @soaring-eagle:
u can search members by location if u click advanced search we now have 4 members from azweve also had 121 visitors from 11 cities in az just since switching to new domain nameitrs definately less then pa or ca or fl or ny but way higher then many statesso concidering that philly i saw dreadies practicly on every block and would see thousands at odunde and reggae on the river id guess theres way more in az then u think concidering az has almost exactly 1/2 as many that vissited as pa actualy just checked we got 9 members from pa 2 of which are good friends i invited personaly so yea statisticly ya may have 1/2 as many as here which is still a hell of alot

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