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the Barrellady
04/27/13 11:00:18PM @the-barrellady:

BC Aotearoa
10/19/12 06:05:57PM @bc-aotearoa:

Hey... found my way to your page somehow and really had to leave you a message, i was reading your "about me" bit and it really struck a chord...... i am part Maori (indigenous New Zealander) and our attitude towards the land is very similar, we call it kaitiakitanga which is guardianship where the land and resources are not ours... buteveryone'sand need to be preserved for the future.

Like you i am very proud of my cultural heritage.... myEuropeanside can be traced back a couple ofgenerationsbut my maori side can be traced back to theoriginal fleet of Waka (boats) that came to NZ.... we have something called a mihi here it's a formal introduction to tell people about yourself it starts with the mountains and the water where your tribe is from and ends with who you are now.... the way we look at life is that you are the sum total ofeverythingand everyone that has gone before youand as such we have aresponsibilitytohonor our past with our future!

it's nice to see others here who see the world a similar way.. it goes to show that Tangata Whenua (people of the land) have sooooo much to offer if people would just listen!

Aroha Nui (Much love)

Christopher Laird
09/11/12 08:22:02PM @christopher-laird:

Thanks for the add. I hope to share alotta cool convos and such. You appear to have a beautiful way aboutyourenergy and Ipridemyself on being good at that so hope to hear from you soon. If you want I'll send you my facebook and tmblr. So yeah ill stop rambling now.

06/02/12 08:21:34PM @treeofdread:

Thanks for suggesting one of my photos, I didn't realize there was a photo of the week but thats cool!

Blessed Earth Mama
04/09/12 09:40:50PM @blessed-earth-mama:

Hey pretty lady! I am too busy as usual! Well I guess it is good am but phew sometimes I totally just want to lay all day in bed and do nothing. Not gonna happen lol. I am a mama to two energy filled boys who are being homeschooled.Almost everything I do in my life is from scratch, food, toys, household goods etc. I have a blog, a FB page and just joined tumbler too! :/ Then I play Second Life *ducks in case of incoming insults* LOL oh which there I have a virtual store and a flickr. The gardening season is starting again and I am a research aholic on the net. Whew OMG do I have room to breathe?! Haha! Oh yea and then trying to pop in here sometimes. O.o

BUT ANYHU! How are you!?

Valorie Kindle
03/24/12 11:42:50AM @valorie-kindle:

So I was just creeping through your pictures. And I love them! All the beautiful pictures of the world around us. As well as you and your style. You are beautiful. Natural beauty is the best kind :) And your dreads are looking great by the way. Lots of character. I can tell you are a person full of love and understanding beyond your years. A truly great person. Look forward to future conversations with you. Im sure there's a lot I could learn from you

ɥɐɾʞǝqsɐɹ redeyedreadi
03/15/12 09:47:18PM @qs-redeyedreadi:
Thank you much for making e connection with me :) love love love sent your way!

03/04/12 11:53:02PM @treeofdread:

Yep I'm from columbus OhighO born and raised:).I've also been to comfest afew times.

02/20/12 09:56:42AM @purkurr:

Thank you for the add. :)

02/18/12 10:29:44PM @foxpaw:

oh i know i know i thought about you the other day randomly and was wondering what that naked gal was up to! hopefully we run into each other on chat soon :]

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