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Naja Sage


Location: Portland, OR
Zipcode: 97220
Country: US


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Starting Over

By Naja Sage, 2010-08-15
Fresh air is everywhere, can't you smell it... taste it... as a slice of cucumber lays in a bath of butter , waiting for the biscuit to batter the bread , long lasting... long gone... mer crumbs on a chin to old to win... charm and grace will fill the space , as the sun rises again.----Naja Sage

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True Spirit

By Naja Sage, 2010-08-15
I can feel again but i don't touch. I can see again but my eyes are closed. I can hear again but I have no ears. I can live again. I have a breath.----- Naja Sage

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By Naja Sage, 2010-08-15
Cutting cold so deep that no heat can penetrate , no sunshine can comfort , only a bed full of feathers can hide my head , as I sleep most of the day , only waking every hour to turn from the shiver. Clutched in a bed , rocking with rhythm , falling off slowly to sounds of descension. Naja Sage

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Cycle of Life

By Naja Sage, 2010-08-15
Fresh ground broken, where no human steps have been. Soil tilled over, where no clod can hide. Loaming , longing for texture, a pocket , a pore , a pasture for prosperity. I nurse, I bury, I rejoice. I nurture fresh ground broken. What a smell, as it waffles into the kitchen , transformed into a savory meal. Naja Sage

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If I Could

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-28
If I could stand outside myself, I could see what a blessing I've received ... If I could walk outside my shoes, I could see what others go through... If I could put others first, I could see how I'd never finish last... If I could hold the hands of time , I could be more patient with mankind... If I could stop a breaking heart, I could love someone more...When you're in the kingdom of God, If I could---

becomes I can.................. Naja Sage
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Listen to the sound

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-26
Cracking and snapping, is it a twig in the distance or is it the fall of grace that covers this place... Sharp and bright streaks of light come down from heaven, like snapshots from God...Do you smile or do you frown as the light hits the ground... I listen to the sound of what I think his voice might be... The comfort of a father to no one does it bother, for with him you could go further, what might your will be... Snapshots in time. I'm waiting for mine. Develop yours before its exposed to the light of the last day.......Naja Sage --041409

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My Real Family

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-26
Ever changing wisdom comes when lest expected, like soft feathers floating from above, gently tapping me on my shoulders, reassuring me that I'm on the right path, the right purpose. A calmness comes over my soul letting me know that I'm safe, loved and admired. No hug from human hands could understand the relationship I have with my family of birds and deer,wolves and hawks, drifting off to the sound of their beautiful voice, laying safe in the den of my family of friends. Bears and bees , whispers through the trees, calling me ever closer home to the woods... Naja Sage

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The Vision

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
As I rub the glass the vision gets clearer I can see the ins and outs of it all The light of truth shines on the open road to our future The vision is so real, so close, I can almost touch itFingers flick the excess baggage, like one would flick lint off of the collar of a cheap suit Crisp sounds of new shoes walking to the start of a new roadDecisions made at the fork are enveloped into the past, like newspapers stacked in a corner room gathering dust, to set the table of life, one must focus on how much his plate will hold Naja Sage 071510
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