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Naja Sage


Location: Portland, OR
Zipcode: 97220
Country: US

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If I Could

user image 2010-07-28
By: Naja Sage
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If I could stand outside myself, I could see what a blessing I've received ... If I could walk outside my shoes, I could see what others go through... If I could put others first, I could see how I'd never finish last... If I could hold the hands of time , I could be more patient with mankind... If I could stop a breaking heart, I could love someone more...When you're in the kingdom of God, If I could---

becomes I can.................. Naja Sage
Naja Sage
07/29/10 08:00:42PM @naja-sage:
many thanks but I give the Holy Spirit all the credit---

07/29/10 03:53:11PM @sillywalkingminister:
Well said Naja...:)

neil coe
07/29/10 03:27:07PM @neil-coe:
nicely spoken my friend

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