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Melanie Johnson


Location: Luverne, AL
Zipcode: 36049
Country: US


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the Barrellady
06/27/13 03:39:17AM @the-barrellady:

Sorry I did not reply sooner. Don't brush your hair anymore, you want it to knot. Use dread friendly shampoo. Just put some on your hands or fingers and gently scrub the scalp, don't disturb the hair, when you rinse it out it will run through the rest of your hair cleaning it as it goes. Your hair sections itself, all you need to do is keep up with separating them from joining onto each other.

Maybe this posting of mine will help you:

let me know if you have any more questions;...peace

Baba Fats
06/23/13 07:47:04AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Going the natural method is going to be the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. It takes time, but it's well worth it. Many of our members started with either back combing, TnR or kits, and tons of them have comed them out to start over naturally. Just check out the recovery forums to see testimonials.

Take a look through the dreaducation page first to see what the damages that salons do. Then look at the timeline forums to see what healthy locks look like over time

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/23/13 02:19:17AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome stay away from salons

06/22/13 11:11:25PM @jazzymomma:


the Barrellady
06/22/13 10:55:10PM @the-barrellady:

Melanie, your hair will dread just fine, thin or not. Just start using a dread friendly shampoo, don't brush or finger comb and in no time at all you will see your hair separate into sections. Best for your hair to let it dread naturally, the neglect method. So how do you get started?....stop brushing and you have started, that easy. You can buy products for dreads which work wonderful, or because you have soft water, you can buy without the web, something like Dr.Bronners and other dread shampoos. There is also a baking soda, apple cider vinegar rinse you can use, this is a no touch method. I have the recipe on my page:


the Barrellady
06/22/13 10:42:11PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome tot he community Melanie and to the best site on the web for healthy dreadlocks. Start off by reading the dreaducation section at the top of the site to learn all about methods and care. You are lucky, you have soft water in your area, so you are able to use many dreadlock shampoos and bars sold.

Neglect is the best method, you just let your hair do its own thing, then the twist and rip method is second best. Don't use wax, gels or crochet hooks, they are the worst things to do.

Whatever method you decide, let your hair section all on its own first, that will take a couple of weeks. If you have any questions, please ask us, we are all here to help you.......peace

wyatt walker
08/06/13 08:32:32PM @wyatt-walker:

been lil while but WELCOME TO DREADLOCKSSITE :) PEACE luv the profile pic:)

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
07/04/13 09:46:32PM @tyler-chidester:

Welcome to the community Karen. It's fantastic to see moms so involved with what their kids do, many out there who really don't care. The dreaducation section is a great place to start for information on how to grow healthy dreadlocks. I won't fool you, to do it the healthy way can be a year of messy looking hair as it knots up and shrinks to mature, but it is the best way for sure. Wax in any form is one of the worst things to do, it will hold in smells, dirt, and pockets of water causing mold, so no wax! Depending on the length of your childrens hair, the journey can take 1-2 year until they are mature dreadlocks. A long time to wait it seems, but they grow healthy and strong and are able to last for a lifetime if wanted. I have a post on what to expect throughout the journey, although I used the twist & rip method, almost all of it still applies. The free form/neglect method is the best there is, the second best is the twist & rip method. The third is back combing, but there is some damage to the hair with this method, it's just like teasing the sections of hair up to the scalp. Do plenty of research, ask as many questions as you want, many of us here will help you out.

You seem like a fantastic mom.....peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/04/13 09:14:33PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and thats awesome and so glad u came here vs rthe other scammy sites

so how old are the kids what do thet want to do to start

wyatt walker
08/06/13 08:32:32PM @wyatt-walker:

been lil while but WELCOME TO DREADLOCKSSITE :) PEACE luv the profile pic:)

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