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dreadlocks shampoo
Matthew Stuart Bruss Hoarn


Location: Winona, MN
Zipcode: 55987
Country: US

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Burial Mound

Burial Mound

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Cloud Walking

Cloud Walking

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Lochs Of Dread

Lochs Of Dread

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6 months
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Matt dreads 4 months
Matt dreads 4 months (composite)
Jammin' Dreads at Harvest Fest
Dreads at Harvest Fest
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10 Weeks
10 Weeks (composite)
Me and the most beautiful creature ever
9 weeks


gimball empatbelas
03/05/11 05:01:06PM @gimball-empatbelas:
yeah ..
Are you interested in coming here?

Vonnie Burrell.♥
08/25/10 01:55:06PM @vonnie-burrell:
thnx for accepting and hey i ant wait to see em either.<3

Jake Holland
08/23/10 06:07:34AM @jake-holland:
I would wash it on a regular basis for sure. I am only allowed to wear company brand hat like a baseball cap, so I just don't wear one. I get some oil in my hair from time to time when I'm changing tools or chipping out my machine and when I know I got some, I just grab a kleenex and dab the area. Washing with hot water is good for de-oiling your hair, but I would for sure try and keep your hat clean on a regular .basis

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/23/10 12:11:53AM @soaring-eagle:
haha yea wonder if jonny decides to comb out n go natural

08/21/10 05:25:32PM @orbit2332:
ur dreads are kick ass man. thx for the add

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/21/10 12:04:28PM @soaring-eagle:
im gonnas use yoir slideshow in the jonyclean wax thread

08/21/10 11:43:40AM @opaulao:
Oh and your dreads look incredible!! I am so jealous of curly hair! everyone in my family has curly hair..I think mine would be curly if it wasnt so thin! LOL!

08/21/10 11:42:22AM @opaulao:
HEY!! Thanks fo the friend request :D

Christina Love
08/20/10 01:50:12PM @christina-love:
Your dreads are Unique.. Nice!

Tanya Jean Bruss Hoarn
07/20/10 12:48:11PM @tanya-jean-bruss-hoarn:
Hello from the living room. Love you.

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