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Christina Love


Location: Toronto
Country: CA


youtube videos: 1

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Qube Goodie
11/07/11 04:20:07PM @qube-goodie:

Greetings and salutations !!!! Big ups and All props and praises !

04/07/11 12:24:47PM @alycat:

Hey Christina...

How are you ...?

Thanks for the was real nice.. of you .. to say....

Keep Shining.. Sis..

Jah Bless... :)

Smail Jr
03/07/11 05:21:30PM @smail-jr:
thanks for the add :)

02/16/11 01:57:01AM @alycat:

Blessings& Respect Christina*

Thanks for the Comment... Your so Sweet....!

Have a Great Week... :)


02/11/11 12:46:14PM @ben:
Thanks! Hope to see Canada in the next few years!

HighGrade Angel
02/06/11 08:46:17PM @highgrade-angel:
Thank You Sista..One Love;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/06/11 04:14:31PM @soaring-eagle:
main websites next nationalsd washington june-aug but big main week july 1-7

Ati Kohunui
02/06/11 02:40:46PM @ati-kohunui:
Tena koe Christina im very well thank you celebrated Waitangi day here in Aukland Aotearoa for the signin of the treaty of Waitangi between Maori n Pakeha so yes im good thnkz!!!!!!!!!!!!And you how r you??

Ati Kohunui
02/03/11 07:48:25PM @ati-kohunui:
Rastafari Dread, wen are yu makin the journey tu have yur locks sista ??Mauriora!!!!!!!!!

Gene Thompson
08/24/10 11:33:53AM @gene-thompson:
Thanx Christina Love, much love on the add as well, blessings to you and yours. Oneness.

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