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the Barrellady
04/12/13 03:14:08PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community....Peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/12/13 03:17:01AM @soaring-eagle:

Guðni Rúnar Gefnarson
08/08/13 02:56:54PM @guni-rnar-gefnarson:

Hi, Jayke, here's your picture sorry it took so long I just wasn't in the right mood to draw it until recently..

Guðni Rúnar Gefnarson
07/26/13 01:29:15AM @guni-rnar-gefnarson:

it sounds beautiful
i'lldefinitely try to draw it as i really like the idea and i've also had a similar image in my head for some time but i wasn't sure about some details of it.. so i like yours even better than mine :)

Guðni Rúnar Gefnarson
07/25/13 07:13:24PM @guni-rnar-gefnarson:

i LOVE wood spirits :)
which of the drawings did you like? i just want to get the idea of what to draw for you.. btw, if you wish, feel free to print the ones i posted, i'm absolutely ok with that

Guðni Rúnar Gefnarson
07/25/13 06:11:33PM @guni-rnar-gefnarson:

i don't sell them because they all are pretty personal and mean a lot to me.. but i think i could try to draw something for you for free if you like :)

Mitchell tipton
07/17/13 01:51:04AM @mitchell-tipton:

I saw that link for your Jam session, so I decided to check it out.. I love your playing style. :D.. Very Nice!

07/17/13 12:42:24AM @kris3:

Awesome jam session! I enjoyed listening to it. You're pretty good!! :) ~ Much Love to ya

06/05/13 12:20:13AM @tiffany4:
Would rosemary alone in what i wash my hair with help? And also can i go swimming? I just started my natural dreads like two weeks ago

wyatt walker
06/03/13 01:10:34PM @wyatt-walker:

lol peace bro

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