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dreadlocks shampoo
Mary White


Location: Guntown, MS
Zipcode: 38849
Country: US

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Mary White

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11/08/11 02:05:25PM @exalthimx7:

Hi Mary']!! Welcome back Chica. I tNr's but they fell out, so I just let them go natural, I love it I'd say 3/4 of my hair has dreaded or is forming dreads. It's only been about 6.5 months']

Tessa Smith
08/15/11 01:05:14AM @tessa-smith:

Hi sorry for the realllly late reply, but I have a lot of these glass beads that are originally used for necklaces, they're like a knockoff brand of the Pandora necklaces. I have probably about 20+ of them which work great for small dreads and they are all different and really cute. I can send you some pictures of them if you want. But I don't need them anymore since my dreads are getting too fat for them lol. I also have a pack of 100 small wooden beads that are missing a couple from when I used them but like I said with the other beads my dreadlocks are just too big for them. I have some metal charms too and some polymer clay that I only used a tiny bit of if you'd like that since I suck at making beads with it lol I have yellow, pink, and a red orange colors. I also crochet scarfs and sew skirts too :)

If any of that interests you let me know :)

08/11/11 12:49:20AM @kafkax:

Where your beads at?! :)

08/08/11 06:32:30PM @kafkax:

Yeah one is a shell and the other one Im not sure what its made out of, but it has a picture of a fish on both sides, I dont think the picture captures it though...

08/06/11 12:28:08AM @kafkax:

Here are my beads for trading! Sorry its taken me awhile to get back to you =/ So, the wood ones I hand carve designs on them, ill post some of those later if you are interested. :)

08/03/11 09:38:27PM @kafkax:

Yes most definetly! Im sorry Ive been out of town the past few weeks and just got back, I promise I havnt forgotten! :)

Tessa Smith
08/02/11 01:10:00PM @tessa-smith:

I've never done a trade before but I would be interested in giving it a try if you'd like! Is there anything in particular that you would like for your dreadlocks that I may have? :) I have a ton of beads and charms!

brittany leigh
08/01/11 10:51:54PM @brittany-leigh:
Hey, yah. I noticed you were missing from my question. Wondered what happened. Someone must have got their little feelings hurt. You're only keeping it real. (:

Thosy Gimbal
07/29/11 02:41:39AM @thosy-gimbal:

hey dear......thank for comment....shallom!!! i like your dread...

07/23/11 11:47:57AM @exalthimx7:

Here's a pic of the wrap I made and will hold for you, Chica...

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