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dreadlocks shampoo
Marlee Batchelder


Location: Burlington, VT
Zipcode: 05408
Country: US

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Day 168. New favorite way to wear my dreads!
Day 168. New favorite way to wear my dreads!
Day 168. New favorite way to wear my dreads!
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Let There Be Light
Day 33


melanie rose
02/22/13 03:32:28AM @melanie-rose:
Hey sister, small world. I take the ferry over to Burlington all the time, I live in plattsburgh :]

Baba Fats
08/13/12 07:22:19AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. If you're not going to palm roll like your life depended on it, don't bother at all. It won't make th slightest difference. Palm rolling lightly does absolutely nothing for your locks. It may clean them up for a few hours, but it doesn't speed up the progress, or last more than a day.

Now, if you're going to palm roll like crazy, in order to see results. DON'T.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/13/12 02:21:37AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome congrats on going veg i wouldnt bother palm rolling tho and why not let the rest of your head dread naturally?

way better then backcombing

Alinka Gee
10/07/12 08:25:40AM @alinka-gee:

Yeah now i have one stuck in my lock nooo :'(

Denver K
10/07/12 08:19:15AM @denver-k:

Wow! That's totally crazy! I never knew rubber bands were so bad!

Alinka Gee
10/07/12 08:04:15AM @alinka-gee:

Gosh i had no idea about rubber bands! now i gotta dig them all out :P

Mia Chester
09/01/12 07:48:41PM @mia-chester:

Wecome lukas

09/01/12 07:06:07PM @darkstar:

Welcome. If you want to keep them sectioned, use beads. Rubber bands are elastic. That means that they squeeze your locks unnaturally. This causes weak spots where the lock can snap off from the tension.

Bands can also get swallowed up by your locks and lost inside. If his happens, they tend to dry rot in your hair and let mold and mildew start to grow.

Beads, on the other hand, act like little knots and promote more knotting. If can get stuck, but can be easily broken if you want them out. But they don't start to break down and rot away

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/01/12 12:33:31PM @soaring-eagle:

tale them out they never belonged there to begin with rubber bands are very bad in dreads and can cause over a dozen diferent sero=ius problems so make damn sure u get every lil peice out right away

Marlee Batchelder
09/01/12 12:30:19PM @marlee-batchelder:

so do i leave these rubber bands or...i dont even know :D help me out brothers and sisters :D

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