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one sided

By: marisue
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well its three months now things are going great I think just wish they could be moving along a little faster but none of the less I love waking up every day and looking in the mirror and seeing something different each day its a blast. Any way Im getting a little worried that im getting a few good dreads on the ledt side of my head but right now the right side im getting very little action mostly down at the bottom of my hair its starting to lock up some. Any advice. Thankks

03/21/13 12:34:11AM @marisue:

thanks for the feedback everyone, I do have very long straight and very fine hair, is it harder to dread or does it take longer Ive seen lots of videos and pictures of others with dreads the dame age as mone but they look like they are a lot further along then mine is it partly because they have shorter hair? I still love the way mine are coming along though just wish I could keep it down during the day but I work a lot of freight during the day so I have to put it in a bun to get it out of the way. thanks

the Barrellady
03/20/13 11:49:15PM @the-barrellady:

Had the same problem at first. Tried to sleep on the other side but always rolled over in my sleep. My husband did not like my solution, but I slept on my side on the couch for a couple of weeks, this way I could not roll over. Solution solved, the other side caught up. :)

03/19/13 09:20:49PM @knotlady:

it will all even out. its happened to me and lots others lol. comes from sleeping on the same side all the time

Diego F.
03/19/13 08:20:35PM @diego-f:

i have dreads on the back of my head, and i ever sleep at the sides [that didn't dreaded yet]...

Yeah Patience, looking in the mirror isn't a bad thing, except if you overdo it... If the progress is slow, it can be very disappointing [in the first few months i spent hours looking in the mirror everyday]

03/19/13 08:06:16PM @patience:

I've got the same thing. For me too the left is further ahead than the right - I put photos of that on my timeline if you're interested - and I've seen a lot of people say similar. I've been trying to sleep on the other side but I always wake up on my left. I'm sure it will catch up when it's ready so I'm not too worried.

I've got to disagree with Diego - looking in the mirror is great if you're enjoying it. It's only if you're not that you should avoid it lol

Diego F.
03/19/13 07:30:23PM @diego-f:

relax 3 months is nothing. I have curly and thick hair [perfect for dreading] and at nearly 10 months i still have at the sides some sections that are just normal hair...

it is progressing very slow, but... what can i do? Nothing. Only patience will reveal how my dreads will be

keep strong, stop looking in the mirror everyday, be patient!

03/19/13 04:36:56PM @crystal3:
Well I'm not sure about how you sleep or your hair type but the side you sleep on may be locking up more than the other. Also, the tips of your hair get more action during the day. Moving in the wind and things of that nature. Don't get discouraged. Switch up your sleeping pattern. Sometimes on one side. Sometime the other, sometimes on ur back. It will all eventually lock with time, but the more movement it gets, the better

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