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Leah "Paddish"


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Question about Tams...

By Leah "Paddish", 2011-10-09

I tried to ask in chat but it seems everyone is busy at the moment so ya....

Is there a material that is 2nd or equal to wool for a tam? I cannot get wool at the moment and I have tried to find some in my home to no avail. I have found several old robes I don't use but they are 100% acrylic. They look and feel like wool (except not itchy) but I dont wanna go hacking up clothing if it's not going to help. Just wondering if anyone knows....thanks in advance...

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By Leah "Paddish", 2011-10-08

It's only been a few days since I took Soaring Eagle's advice and stopped fussing over my hair and I can already tell the difference. While my dreads are a bit frizzy and unkempt, some are starting to dread now. Especially the ones at the back of my head. I will never touch a crochet hook again. I just started my dreads 7 days ago and stopped messing with it 3 days ago (the only thing I do now is lightly twist my ends together so I don't look so crazy when I go out lol) Thank you all for the awesome advice. I can't wait to see what my hair looks like after 1 month, 2 months and so on.

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By Leah "Paddish", 2011-10-07

Yesterday my 6 year old son said he wanted to grow his hair out so I can give him dreadlocks too. It was too cute! <3

Today, I took my youngest son to the dr (poor thing has an awful ear infection) and as we were waiting these 2 pre teen/teenage boys with their mother decided to talk shit about my dreadlocks. I don't mind when adults do it, but damnit people! Teach your children about acceptance and love instead of hate and intolerance. It is ridiculous! My children are already used to people being different. Their grandfather is disabled (has an artificial leg) their extended family takes care of all sorts of people with various disabilities and their mother has had hair the colors of the rainbow and in several different styles. Their "uncle/aunt" (not by blood) is gay, so they have experienced enough differences to not belittle people or dislike them based on outward appearances. ugh....that just bothers me.

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