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Leah "Paddish"


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By: Leah "Paddish"
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Yesterday my 6 year old son said he wanted to grow his hair out so I can give him dreadlocks too. It was too cute! <3

Today, I took my youngest son to the dr (poor thing has an awful ear infection) and as we were waiting these 2 pre teen/teenage boys with their mother decided to talk shit about my dreadlocks. I don't mind when adults do it, but damnit people! Teach your children about acceptance and love instead of hate and intolerance. It is ridiculous! My children are already used to people being different. Their grandfather is disabled (has an artificial leg) their extended family takes care of all sorts of people with various disabilities and their mother has had hair the colors of the rainbow and in several different styles. Their "uncle/aunt" (not by blood) is gay, so they have experienced enough differences to not belittle people or dislike them based on outward appearances. ugh....that just bothers me.

Leah "Paddish"
10/08/11 10:23:58AM @leah-paddish:

Very true, Change. It's just sad when you see a new breed of asshole forming. You know they are going to be worse than the last.

Castaway J
10/08/11 02:12:57AM @castaway-j:

haha well said SE i agree. and im right there with you to Leah, its not bad at work but i can still pick up on things, people dont have to say a word. i cant stand it either, i think it just boils down to insecurities that they probably dont even know they know, its not easy truly looking your self in the mirror. its just easier to bash on everyone else.

Leah "Paddish"
10/07/11 07:23:51PM @leah-paddish:
True, it's sad though...I can't stand it.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/07/11 04:04:19PM @soaring-eagle:


and well

parents are people some ppl are assholes assholes teach lil assholes to be bigger assholes

u gotta remember the ppl not teaching their kids better wernt tought better themselves

u canrt really blame em for coming from a long line of assholes thats just their heritage

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