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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Sunshine Coast, Q
Country: AU

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still in my jammies!
how fucking awesome do I look?????
new necklace from kim.  thanks hun!
me & Nisa
4 years 8 months I think.
tryin on my brothers glasses!
happy to be back home at the beach.


10/10/11 07:57:22PM @sagem:

You rock bangin' dreads in the down under :)

Anthony Ketcham
09/25/11 12:36:13PM @anthony-ketcham:

your welcome, thank you for the kind words:) i love your dreads to:)

Naomi Choate
08/30/11 07:17:58PM @naomi-choate:

hi thanks! <3

08/07/11 02:32:29AM @dave2:
hiya mate totally understood where you were coming from with your thread, shame so many people can write but lack the knowledge to understand what they read.

Trina Sandress
08/05/11 12:59:02PM @trina-sandress:

Just stopped by to say hi and hope you and yours are having a beautiful day!!! Love your locks!

08/01/11 10:34:02PM @xxmercy:

hello there=]

user image
03/23/11 05:42:45PM @emma-donovan:

Hello Leah! I am so sorry it took so long but I plan to ship your necklace either by today or tomorrow. Have you shipped mine yet?

Have a great day!

03/06/11 08:21:44AM @daiguma:
lovely long blond luscious knots :) awesome

user image
03/02/11 05:33:59PM @emma-donovan:
awesome! i will try to ship yours by next week =)

Star Child
02/23/11 09:17:50AM @star-child:

oh man i am SO sorry it took me so long to get back to you! ;[ :[ :[ i didnt mean to i promise! my computers been broken and i decided to use the house computer today and im getting mine fixed hopefully today or tomorrow. >.< soooooo beads eh? that leaves LOTS of openess to necklaces. ive got glass beads, kandi beads, wood beads, other beads that i'm not sure what they are or where they came from, wire stuffs. loadsssssssssss of choices :] i'm not really that great at hemp im afraid, but i could try real hard if i hadto. ive been doing loads of wire rings and stuff lately, or i could make a bunch of wire beads and make something with those on a necklace :] they kinda look like nests. hmm do you have a soulsucking facebook? that just may be an easier way to get ahold of me unfortunately. lifes too busy. oh shit this is a really long comment i'm sorry >.<

again sorry i took so long, i'm a terrible responder. but get back to me soonsoonsoon and i'l get a workin on a few ideas to send to ya.

as for what i'd want, no idea whatre the options :P

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