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Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Country: AU

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1 year after stopping crochet

ok so here we are 1 year in so far....
@Dave2 13 years ago - Comments: 9

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Wyclef Jean And The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

Wyclef Jean And The Fugees -...

14 years ago - Comments: 0
Little Wing

Little Wing

14 years ago - Comments: 0
Floating to Forever

Floating to Forever

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06/07/11 11:09:36AM @alycat:

Hello Dave*

Thanks so much for the Comment.... made me Smile...

Have a Great Day my Friend.... Keep Shining....

Jah Light.... :)

04/19/11 08:29:36PM @kaitelyn:
hey hey, yeah the tornadoes hit about 5 hours from me, so im fine, but thanks for the concern :) im doing pretty great! howre you?

zoubairi  hassan zebra
03/16/11 08:00:19AM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:
thanks for being my frtiend please link too::

03/08/11 06:20:06AM @kaitelyn:
oh, no, youre fine. i wasnt offended. tis all good :)anyway, some other good dubstep artists to start with: rusko, caspa, burial, skream, and starkey. those are the big names anyhow. also, if you use pandora, they have a dedicated dubstep channel that is actually quite good. :)happy pancake day :o) x

03/08/11 02:19:20AM @kaitelyn:

well, i have heat in my house, so its not like im freezing here lol. and my pictures arent sexual, so i see nothing wrong with it. we all have bodies under our clothes, ya know.

also, that song is part of the dubstep genre. also know as filth, grime, or womp. :)

03/06/11 11:31:18AM @charlotte:

That's cool! I like the idea that you could go for a road trip and come back with a frog! Not quite going to work in the UK... A pigeon maybe...? If it was particularly daft!?!

Zephyr Elf
03/04/11 11:21:15PM @zephyr-elf:
Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes, Dave! I didn't get to party THAT hard, because I got my tongue split! It's awesome!I hope this finds you well + happy, dear! x

03/01/11 07:34:35PM @charlotte:

Beautiful! We have bumblebee dart frogs :) Really awesome, and have the amusing consequence of scaring our landlady. Poor woman...

Ah well, it takes all sorts.

03/01/11 12:26:43PM @charlotte:

So what inferences should I make about you from your picture then? What species of snake is it?

My dreads are, at the moment, almost non-existent! I found my first bunch of knots this morning. Was hilarious how chuffed I was! Unfortunately had to split them a bit... but two steps forward one step back! ;)

I can't remember what else was in your comment... *shrug*

02/28/11 08:15:37AM @charlotte:
Lol and what would a picture tell you!?!

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