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03/06/11 03:57:41AM @dave2:

i google imaged your frogs,Wow!.

They are such vibrant colours,i always new of the blue and red variety of dart frog but not the bumblebee. we dont have as colourful frogs here in oz and importing any live exotic animal from outside oz is impossible for all but general dogs,cats,birds,fish.

We lost our green tree frog"buddah" last year, 10yrs old and use to eat mice, but the g.f. found one in the car after a trip to the tropics recently so "westy" has just taken up residence in "buddahs" old tank.

03/01/11 06:44:34PM @dave2:

make all the inferences you like. :)

Shani is a north western carpet python a.k.a. darwin carpet snake/python.

prettyisn't she?

just over a year old now and still very snappy, not into being handled yet.

03/01/11 02:15:55AM @dave2:
oh yeah and also agree about handy people, i myself love handicrafts and have much respect for those that work with their hands.The pride shown by these individuals in their craft sets them apart from the rest, very honest people.

03/01/11 02:07:28AM @dave2:

I did kinda mean it as a joke,didn't want ya to think i was just a mean s.o.b, but as you asked...

tell me? nothing, but...

from your appearance, expression and background setting a number of assumptions can be formed that can be expanded on through your remarks in threads to gain a better understanding of you.

But like i said i'm trying to mellow so i just wanna see your dreads,lol

02/27/11 09:37:24PM @dave2:

you need to get a pic up mate, you've got my interest now :)

02/24/11 05:34:59AM @razorcandi:
Yeah, I don't really get it because I hear some people have dreads because they are don't have to wash them, they dreadthemselves, but then I've also hear the complete opposite. I'm mainly worried about how oily my hair gets which will prevent the dreads from staying nice and tight and also the other maintenance like dying dreads, not sure how that goes, and over all just waiting for them to finally get to where I like them, I tend to change my hair a lot, by the time they finally start looking nice I will probably be ready to change my hair again. Well, I am from Tampa, Florida but have been living in Romania since May 2008.

02/24/11 01:22:52AM @razorcandi:
Thanks :) It does actually get tiring, which is why I've given a dreaded mohawk a lot of thought but from what I hear dreads are more maintenance then you can imagine!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/18/11 06:46:46PM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/18/11 11:18:15AM @soaring-eagle:

ah god no accountsant

whatds your bliss your dream your deepest desire

will a phd in counting fingers and toes help u reach your dream

can u reach your dream another way thats stress free

the elephant was out side a house probly costin a million dollars on the main line a very rich suburb area just outside philly

it was a big surprise to see that there

im sure the neighbourhood association and homeowners all freaked

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/17/11 05:49:07PM @soaring-eagle:
aww why do u want to talk bout things? im here..hugs

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