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Kyle Adams


Location: Charlottesville, VA
Zipcode: 22901
Country: US


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Wash Number 2. Flat Top.

By Kyle Adams, 2012-09-14
So today I washed my dreads for the second time. After the BSW but before the Vinegar I noticed I hadn't completely rinsed the baking soda and oils out so I stuck my head back under the faucet. After the Vinegar and the towel dry I used a hair dryer to further dry the dreads and my head. After, looking at my head, the top looks very "flat" and non- dreaded. I'm wondering if it just looks smoother because of the Vinegar or hair dryer and will return back to "normal" in the next few days...
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First Time Washing!

By Kyle Adams, 2012-09-05
I just washed my dreads for the first time! They are currently 16 days old. I didn't get to do the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse though because I didn't have any... But they look just fine. :)
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My Dreads

By Kyle Adams, 2012-08-21

I just want to thank Ashley Walker for giving me my dreads and spending her whole day doing them. She didn't give up, even when I wanted certain things to be done. I know my hair was weird but I hope it pays off when you see them mature and grow into beautiful pieces of my new self. I needed a big change and you gave it to me. Thank you for that.

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