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5 Day Water Fast

By Kelly3, 2012-12-29

As the title suggests, I am attempting a 5 day water fast. I know that 5 days is not long enough to clear my body of all the toxins which will have accumulated, but it should clear some of them at least.I'm not sure how I will feel, but I'm hoping to make it through the full 5 days. If I feel ok by then, I will continue to day 10.. But this is not set in stone as it is my first attempt, with minimal mental or nutritionalpreparation.

I started at 12am on the 30th Dec. Also, I will try to update daily.

Anyway... With me luck.


@ 5 hours- OK, this is premature, but I thought I'd report that I'm already hungry. Some mild heart burn too, which I don't usually get. This is odd, since I often go without food for longer than this.

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