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5 Day Water Fast

By: Kelly3
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As the title suggests, I am attempting a 5 day water fast. I know that 5 days is not long enough to clear my body of all the toxins which will have accumulated, but it should clear some of them at least.I'm not sure how I will feel, but I'm hoping to make it through the full 5 days. If I feel ok by then, I will continue to day 10.. But this is not set in stone as it is my first attempt, with minimal mental or nutritionalpreparation.

I started at 12am on the 30th Dec. Also, I will try to update daily.

Anyway... With me luck.


@ 5 hours- OK, this is premature, but I thought I'd report that I'm already hungry. Some mild heart burn too, which I don't usually get. This is odd, since I often go without food for longer than this.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/01/13 04:46:27PM @soaring-eagle:

i told ya the 1st 4 days were hard and if u didnt commit to 6 you would make up ypur mind to only go 5 before u got to 4

day 5 is when it starts getting easier

my 1t fast on day 3 i bought a gummy rat (partaily cause i never saw 1 b4 it was .the actual size of a rather large rat) i carried it in my pocket thinking if i got desperate id nifbble on its tail and probly get sick

the thought of it being my "out" was enough to get me through the rest of the week

by day 5 u really stop thinking biyt food

in fact i was on day 7 or 8 when i met ram dass (the 1st time ) and he offered me french fries i told him its tempting but im fasting and i think he smiled and said something like i know i was making sure you stay committed or something thi s was b4 his stroke and i didnt really even know who he was 20+ years later we got to bond again at a gathering..over some french fries

hell i remember the single sip of miso soup on day 9

when u go 9 or 10 days refusing food u will remember each and every detail of the food u refused decades later

01/01/13 04:33:55PM @kelly3:

Day 3- This is tough.. Really tough. I can't stop thinking about food. My folks got chinese food and it had the most glorious smell ever. the hardest part is when everyone else is having food and I have to lie in bed just to keep away from it. I have made a decision though. I'm going to break the fast on day 5. I'm then going to go on a vegetarian diet for a few weeks and do a 30 day water fast. That should be enough to rid myself of all the toxins that will have accumulated over the years. Plus, it is an even greaterchallenge. Although I feel weak now, I'm sure it will be a great experience to break through this barrier and do a long distance.

12/29/12 09:09:44PM @kelly3:

I have quit drinking. I'll use the fast as a way of keeping on track. There is a lot of pressure to drink on new years, in Ireland.. Probably most places for that matter.

12/29/12 09:07:40PM @kelly3:

Thanks for the advise. My only concern is that my girl is coming home from Poland on the 2nd. I've read heard that theodourcan get bad. Both from the body and on the breath. I'm not sure how bad it will be, but I'm hoping it's not like overpowering or anything.

You did like 12-14 days, right? What was your experience with the odour, and the experience in general?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/29/12 09:05:05PM @soaring-eagle:

oh new years broke 1 fast early because i took a hit of acid (looooong time ago) then had a sip of beer

the beer was probly the worse i was puking foam so rushed home to break the fast a bad way..chocolate chip cookies

so i wouldnt advize evenh a sip on new years

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/29/12 09:02:13PM @soaring-eagle:

id suggest u make it 6 to 10 for 1 reason only

days 1-4 are the hard days then it gets easier if u make it 5 6 will be no sweat and then you will know if u can make it longer but if u go through 4 that are rough on 5 eveb though its easier u may already have made the choice to stop but giving yourself that extra day thats not so hard will tripple the chances you go on longer

for a 1st try 10 is a great and easily acheivable goal

just when yiu end it be careful how u break the fast do it slow

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