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By Karrington <3, 2011-10-04

I just felt the back of my head and the friction from my pillow at night has my dreads locking up soooo much faster!! Wash day is tomorrow and I can't wait. My babies need it.. :)

This is probably one of the coolest things I have ever done for myself.. Soooo unbelievably happy I decided to do this. Oh I am so happy these days!!

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Great news.. :D

By Karrington <3, 2011-10-15

So I am at my boyfriends house and I was looking in the mirror at my hair and I have found my very first dread.. :D :D :D

Super stoked about that!! Just thought I would share!!Pics to come!! :D

I hope you all are having a great day!!

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One Month Dread-versary

By Karrington <3, 2011-10-01

Today marks the one month of my dreadlings! :D super excited about that.. I'll post pics maybe on Monday or Wednesday this week to show the progress.. I haven't touched it in a few weeks and I caught one of them trying to join another in a very awkward place, haha.. My mom keeps cracking jokes about them and making sure that I keep them clean.. I appreciate her understanding and my brother and my dad are behind me too.. I'm so happy that I finally decided to do this and that my fan-freaking-tastic family has offered nothing but love and support.. I'm glad all of them are in my life and I cannot wait to see my dread babies this time next month! Ciao!!

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Quickly approaching a month

By Karrington <3, 2011-09-28

Ok sooo, I haven't made a post about the actual 3 week mark or the 4 week mark, so I'm going to lump them together since there are 4 weeks in a month and September is almost over *tear.

Umm so the back and the sides are progressing more rapidly than the top is.. That's kinda cool haha. And I have noticed my inner beauty shining through :D people have been nicer to me and a lady at my church (whom I rarely talk to) said that I had pretty skin the other day.. I thought that was sweet of her to say.. hmm also I have been making more jewelry again.. Haven't successfully done that in a while..

I'm also trying to teach myself to crochet, but its not going as well as I'd like, I'll keep trying though.. That's pretty much it.. I'm going to try and post more pics mid October so you all can really see the differences and changes/progression.. Ciao! Mmmmmwahh!

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2 week Check in

By Karrington <3, 2011-09-11

Soooooooooo, its been 2 weeks and I have seen some crazy good progress.. I have been washing my hair with Dr. Bronner's about once every 3 days (as my hair gets gross quick) umm, oh I read about spritzing it with salt water to help the dreads tighten and whatnot and IT WORKS!!! Im so stoked I can barely stand it.. The hair on the top of my head is still fuzzy and goofy looking but they are making so much progress! keep you all posted on it..

Dreads Spread Love..

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Approaching Week 3

By Karrington <3, 2011-09-19

Ok so, it has been almost 3 weeks since I officially started my dreads.. I'm super excited at the progress they have made! The fuzziness that I had mentioned in the other blog post has died down a bit and I think my hair is finally just going with the flow instead of fighting it. Which is a plus.. hmm what else, what else..... Oh yes, a few in the back are beginning to lock up more rapidly than before and that is super cool.. I'll keep you all posted with the progress.. One Love :)

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Second Month Dreadversary

By Karrington <3, 2011-10-31

So tomorrow is my 2nd month of dreads.. I'm really pleased with the progress that My dreads have made. I feel like I can finally call them dreads because they look and feel more like dreads now then they did in the beginning.. I think its crazy because I found a few loops in them and I had no idea African-American hair looped up like that.. it blew my mind.. lol.. I like all the changes it is making in my life and all of the complements I have gotten.. I have decided to change my eating habits and to stop smoking to aid in the dreading process so they will be happy and healthy with me.. :)

My boyfriend is even on board with the idea as well and I think he likes it because he can see my progress and I think that since it isn't happening over night, he can get used to the idea of it.. I'll post pics tomorrow of the ones that are super dreads..

I also think its cool hoe they are choosing to dread, some are starting towards the root while others are starting in the middle and working their way up and down my curls.. just a cool tid bit..

Welp, thats about it for me tonight.. Peep the pics tomorrow or Wednesday.. :)

Much love, CIAO!!

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3 Months!!

By Karrington <3, 2011-11-30

Tomorrow is my 3 month dreadversary. I'm so excited that I could literally pop. I have encountered a few dreadies that have decided to join forces with those around them and that's fine by me. I just slap a bead on them to help em out. I have also noticed that all of the dreads are actually staying together and not falling apart anymore so I can massage in shampoo or whateves without any worry.

I feel worlds more confidant now than I ever have and I feel like more people are opening up to me and falling in love with me. Men and women alike. (there is a guy in my Biology class that will do anything to hold my attention, never mind that I have a boyfriend lol) and the compliments are flying out the yin yang. I have always been the type of person to go virtually unnoticed but these days I attract so much attention. I have no clue how to deal with it really.

In other news, I am so ready for this semester of school to be over.. I have 1 more week then I am free for a month. Woo!!

Also, I am loving what my dreads are teaching me day in and day out. I am more accepting, loving, caring and forgiving than I have ever been. I cannot wait to experience all that is coming in the future. :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)

Much love..

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