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9 Months

user image 2012-06-01
By: Karrington <3
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I don't have too much to say, only that it is my 9 month dreadversary and I couldn't be happier :D

June 1 came a lot quicker than I had intended and now I have nothing to say.. : S

I will say that last week was a very trying week for me because I had been very sick(since about Friday throwing up and the like) and on that following Monday, mom took me to the ER and it turned out that I was dehydrated. I had laid in the bed for around 3 days and he friction of my pillows really did a number on my dreads. The ones in back are really getting solid and I LOVE it. I just wish they would grow longer..

Anywho, the doctors gave me a liter of fluid and sent me home to rest up and I have been doing great ever since. That's pretty much all that has happened in the last month :)

I'm gonna try and post some pictures of my babies and their progress later in the week.

Thanks for reading! Have a good one :D

Karrington <3
06/01/12 06:43:32PM @karrington-3:
@new dreddie, thank you!@Ixchel, thank you.. I have been taking it easy this week, I'm almost back to normal.. And hooray for your 4 months! Time just flies by.. :)

06/01/12 05:55:33PM @ixchel:

happy 9 months it's 4 months for me!

sorry you had been so ill but i'm glad you are recovering well! rest up!

new dreddie
06/01/12 12:02:10PM @new-dreddie:

hope you feel better!

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