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Kara Simpson


Location: Ridgely, MD
Zipcode: 21660
Country: US


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La Tres (3) Dia

By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-23

So, I'm really happy with what they look like so far, they're locking quite fast in the front, but the back is still a really normal looking, is there any way to help it catch up to the front?

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By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-28

They are starting to come along fairly well, not a fan of having a knappy head but I'm super excited for them :)

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Dreads are a Choice I Made

By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-29

I hate the fact that I can't walk through the hallways at school without being whispered about or stared at or I even get fingers pointed.

C'mon, we are how old?

I made the choice to have dreads because I am tired of being like everyone else. Everyone are clones of one another. I feel as though my dreads represent myself as being carefree and worry-free, but it's hard to feel that way when you are being talked about for being different...

I know I shouldn't worry about what people have to say about me, but they are so rude. They ask questions like:

You don't wash your hair?

Won't you smell bad?

Do you shower?

All I see is complete ignorance, and honestly if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all because we are all human, and feelings still get hurt no matter the beliefs.

People are cruel, but on the plus side, I love my dreads as far as they have come and I wouldn't change my decision given the chance<3



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By Kara Simpson, 2012-03-13

I LOVE MY DREADS! :) I can't resist twisting them but they are knotting so well!!!!!

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27 Days <3

By Kara Simpson, 2012-03-19

Having a Convertible car and extremely nice weather here in MD makes my dreads nice and knotty ;)

Absolutely love my hair, pissed my boss might fire me because I have dreads... BS...

My scalp is really dry and itchy, I've been using Organix Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, wondering if anything works better?

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By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-21

I want today to be the beginning point for my dreads and I have been reading about it, but it seems so damn difficult. I want the simplest instructions so I can get this shit started! Im way too excited to wait!

I have medium length blonde hair and I want natural looking dreads!



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Day 2!!

By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-22

I wore my hair up today, just because my hair looks a wreck... I know its suppose to but I slept on it last night and iit already started matting (mainly because its really damaged at the ends) Should I not put them up at all? will it mess up the process?

I want to speed up this process a little and I was wondering if beads would help?

and when they say, "Don't wash them!", is it bad to get them wet in general?

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