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Day 2!!

user image 2012-02-22
By: Kara Simpson
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I wore my hair up today, just because my hair looks a wreck... I know its suppose to but I slept on it last night and iit already started matting (mainly because its really damaged at the ends) Should I not put them up at all? will it mess up the process?

I want to speed up this process a little and I was wondering if beads would help?

and when they say, "Don't wash them!", is it bad to get them wet in general?

Kara Simpson
02/22/12 04:10:44PM @kara-simpson:

thanks ha every little bit of advice helps. As you can tell this is only day two and I'm practically the only one around who is trying them naturally.

My mom's friend offered to do them for me but she said she would use wax and I want to keep away from that after hearing all the negative things about wax

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/12 04:08:10PM @soaring-eagle:

who says dont wash them you want to wash them and beads do help putting it up will slow things down they miove and tangle

let em go wild

wash them wash them wash them

02/22/12 04:02:56PM @ixchel:

i think as long as it has a hole big enough for your hair it's fine. you should keep them shorter than 1/2 inch to keep from molding underneath. careful if you wear glass because it could break & cut you.

& if you have a "special" wood bead you may want to be sure to keep it out of the water to keep it from cracking (so just remove when you wash), maybe even rub it in oil to keep it nice every once in a while (i don't know if this is tested & tried by anyone, a few of us just put together some thoughts on it)

and i am nowhere near experienced, just what i'm gathering from the forums, groups & people

Kara Simpson
02/22/12 03:56:47PM @kara-simpson:

Is there specific beads you have to use, because I have tons of wooden beads I use to make hemp bracelets with and I would like to refrain from paying a shit ton of money

02/22/12 03:51:14PM @ixchel:

wear your hair down as much as possible but if you have to wear it up use a scarf or tam, if a ponytail/bun is the only option just keep it as loose as possible

a lot of people have said beads help speed it up, just be careful you don't leave them on the same area for too long if you don't want them trapped there

you want to wash them. use a baking soda & water mixture with an apple cider vinegar/water rinse. you can look up some recipes around this site.

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