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Daniel Hörnberg
02/28/13 05:55:47PM @daniel-hrnberg:

Heya sister! I'm soon to be 21 in earth-years, and my roots are a bit over 2 years old :) My life with Jesus started a while ago. Raised in a christian family, but took my own step to walk with Jesus when i was 13. But since then a lot of things have happened in my life and i'm just so grateful that Jesus always have been there, after all the things i've done and after turning away from Him. But nowadays i'm as home as i can be! And it's a freaking awesome adventure to live with Jesus! Tryin' to stay true and awake in the fight ;) Good to see another love warrior with the spirit in the right place here! :) So how are you and Jesus doin'n (and dreads)? :)

Hannah Wright
01/15/13 10:57:02PM @hannah-wright:

Wow that's amazing! Best wishes to you getting into an art program and as well with all your lifes endeavours. I'd love to go to New York, I've only ever driven through it once on my way to Massachusettes. I long for theday whenI get out of PA haha, I'm so tired of ithere. But as of now I'm in my senior year of high school and working a part time job at a halmark store. Once I graduate I hope to get a better paying job so I can begin to save some money. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my life yet but whatever it is I know I'll surely need some money to get there so I might as well start saving asap. And it's so nice to meet you aswell love! Keep us all updated on your babies, post lots of pictures! Happy dreading <3

Hannah Wright
01/15/13 02:30:10PM @hannah-wright:

How cool! I have yet to personally meet anyone in the Boiling Springs/ Carlisle area who has dreads other than myself lol. Where do you reside now? By the way i'm totally diggin your dreads mama, super jealous of your long locks. You're beautiful! (:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/03/12 02:02:50PM @soaring-eagle:

wyatt walker
12/26/12 10:33:25PM @wyatt-walker:

yes, introductions always good lol

wyatt walker
12/26/12 07:53:37PM @wyatt-walker:

hi and WELCOME to dredlockssite. hi my name is Jasmine

12/26/12 07:10:25PM @darkstar:

Whoa, Definitely don't palm roll... At all... ever.

Palm rolling only ever does 1 of 2 things. If you don't do it hard or often, it will not create lasting knots. It whatever it does will come undone the next day or after a slight rinse. If you do it hard and every day, it will completely destroy your locks very quickly. Here's what only 2 weeks of doing it every day did to mine:

I'm sill trying to fix the damage, 6 years later.

Those frizzies need to be there. They are what pull in loose hairs ad make your locks tighter and more mature. As your locks get more mature, they get pulled into the lock and start to disappear. They never go away completely, but they start to get so small that only you notice them in the mirror or up close. The distance that others see you from is enough for them to not notice.

12/21/12 12:15:11AM @tony2:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/12 10:31:54PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but crochets a huge mistake it does extreme damage and causes the problems your fixing making them weaker and weaker every time

it delays progress by 6 months if u only do it once its a horribly abusive thing to do to dreads throw the hook in the trash and let them recover

12/20/12 08:58:59PM @darkstar:


I have to let you know, though, that crocheting, even once does a mess of damage. It does nothing to help locks mature. It only rips hairs into smaller and smaller pieces, which weakens your locks and creates more loose hairs that will stick out and be frizzier. It also makes your locks hard. Mature locks should never be hard. They should be soft and spongy.

I know there can be overwhelming desires to speed up the process and make your locks look "clean". But the fact is that only time can clean up your locks.

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